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– Key to symbols Functions at a glance – OPMI Lumera T with integrated assistant's Microscope – OPMI Lumera T (option) – Light sources – S88 floor stand – S8 ceiling mount – S81 ceiling mount Safety – Notes on installation and use – When using a wide-angle observation system (e.g. BIOM 3) – Phototoxic retinal injury in eye surgery – Safety devices of the suspension. Zeiss service staff. For understanding the contents and for the reliable performance of service. Work, it is essential that product-specific service training be completed with Carl Zeiss Surgical. GmbH or a training organization commissioned by Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH. The use of the service document without prior training is prohibited! Zeiss OPMI VISU-160 Surgical Microscope User manual 2.5 MB Download Zeiss OPMI VISU-200 Surgical Microscope User manual 810 kB Download Zeiss Primo Star User manual 13.8 MB Download Zeiss S-3 Floor Stand User manual 1.5 MB Download Zeiss S-22 Floor Stand User manual 2.0 MB Download Zeiss Standard User manual 1.4 MB Download.

Carl Zeiss · OPMI PROergo. OPMI Sensera , PROergo , Movena and S7 System Service Manual Ver 4.0 Feb 2012. Service Manual. 773 Pages. carl zeiss service manuals carl zeiss s7 service manual carl zeiss s88 service manual carl zeiss opmi pico service manual carl zeiss 750i .. Shop new or used, the Zeiss Opmi Visu Series/S7 Microscope is a great choice for .. Prescott's offers convenient service and repair options on the Zeiss OPMI .. of refurbished surgical microscopes from leading brands, such as Carl Zeiss and .. Specialties. Medical technology made by ZEISS. ZEISS is one of the world's leading suppliers of medical devices in the field of .. Search among more than 1.000.000 user manuals and view them online in .pdf. for procedures at the forefront of microsurgery. For over 50 .. 2009 Key to symbols Different symbols used in this manual draw your attention to .. 22 – Warning labels and notes 26 Description 31 Sensera surgical microscope on S7 suspension .. Please contact your dealer or the Carl Zeiss service team. 304970-9200 Wireless Footswitch User Manual G_30_1707.bk Carl Zeiss Surgical GmbH .. Store it for the entire service life of the foot control panel. .. NOTE Upgradable surgical microscopes • Surgical microscopes on the S7, S8, S81, S88, .. in accordance with Carl Zeiss safety standards and with national and in- ternational regulations .. strument. You may obtain further information from our service organiza- .. nation with the surgical microscope described in this manual. Caution!. ZEISS Medical Technology United States · ZEISS Online Shop · ZEISS Optometric Gateway · Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. ZEISS ONLINE. ZEISS United States .. manual. One with Zeiss. 50 years ago, Carl Zeiss pioneered the very first surgical microscope, heralding the dawn of an exciting new era – the age of .. ZEISS - OPMI Lumera S7 Let There Be Light , Superior surgical microscope .. One look through the legendary Carl Zeiss optics with SCITM red reflex .. A collection of service manuals, tutorials and descriptions of medical .. Karl Kaps SOM-62 Diagnostic Microscope .. 1.1 MB Download prohibited by Zeiss. Installation and service work not described in this manual must only be per- formed by specialists from Carl Zeiss. Version 3.0 Page 8 G-30-1673-en. Zeiss OPMI MDO on S5 Operation Microscope User Manual.pdf Download - Frank's Hospital Workshop OPMI® 1 FR Optimized for ophthalmic surgery - Carl Zeiss .. Service Manual Microscopio Quirurgico Karl Zeiss Modelo Opmi Vario 700 .. PCB S7 Power inlet 000000-1367-275 OPMI VARIO 700 ..
ZEISS MED Online. ZEISS Medical Technology United States · ZEISS Online Shop · ZEISS Optometric Gateway · Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. ZEISS ONLINE. ZEISS OPMI Sensera is also available on the S7 ceiling mount with a rigid column or an optional lifting column. OPMI Sensera from ZEISS. Compact performance. S7. / OPMI Sensera .. Since ZEISS introduced the first surgical microscope in 1953, the field of otorhinolaryngology has been at the .. Manual, time-consuming focusing is a thing of the past. Ease of .. isionGuard are registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss Med itec A. G. OPMI Sensera from ZEISS. Compact performance. S7. / OPMI Sensera .. completely concentrate on the treatment. Manual, time-consuming focusing is a thing of the past. Complete documentation .. Carl Zeiss Meditec AG .. iffer from the current status of approval of the product or service offering in your country. Please .. ZEISS - OPMI Sensera OPMI® Sensera from ZEISS was carefully designed to meet the requirements of physicians performing ENT surgery. , ZEISS OPMI Sen.
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Zeiss surgical microscope service manual tile cutter

ENT specialists have trusted the time-tested technol- ogy of the OPMI 1 FC surgical microscope for over 50 years.

The system symbolizes quality, precision and reliability. By helping to define the field of microsur- gery and the development of new surgical techniques, the system has built its own legacy.

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Zeiss Surgical Microscope Service Manual

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-Chris Brown
2 years ago
2 years agoTransformer Size
Does anyone know what the specs are for the power transformer ? We have a doctor's office that wants to take an old scope to a rural clinic, but I found transformer wasn't putting out anything. The paper coating on the old transformer is faded and I can't read model number. ThanksReply
4 years ago
4 years agoHEAD BALANCE

only head is not stable suspension arm is well balance



5 years ago
5 years agoMicro Thermal Switch Specification

please send me specification of Micro Therm switch and also tell that on what temperature does micro therm switch work in ZEISS E.N.T. microscope S 21 ?


Zeiss Surgical Microscope Service Manual Pdf


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  • Crisp, high fidelity images
  • Quickly and easily focus
  • Stored digitally for post-operative documentation and assessment when a compact digital camera is attached to the system
  • The quick-action lamp changer allows users to switch to the spare lamp at the push of a button
  • Brightness adjustments are quickly fine-tuned
  • Automatically shut off by raising the microscope arm upward into the standby position.
  • Easy to maneuver and quickly brought into virtually any position
  • When not in use, the microscope compactly folds together, providing additional space in typically crowded operating rooms.
  • Always on standby, unfolding its full dynamic performance in a single sweep.


Focus range40mm

Additional Specifications


  • Straight binocular tube, f = 170 mm
  • 10x or 12.5x widefield eyepieces


Zeiss Surgical Microscope Service Manual
  • Coaxial illumination, supply via light guide
  • 2 x 12V 100W halogen reflector lamp
  • Spare lamp with quick-action lamp changer

Zeiss Surgical Microscope Service Manual Download

Download game pes 2016 isl. Objective lenses: Different focal lengths from f = 200 mm to f= 400 mm, graded in steps of 50 mm