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64-bit – Driven by need

Winebottler Para Macos Catalina

With 64-bit only macOS Catalina around the corner and therefore the imminent loss of 32-bit, I had to sort out my toolchain where Wine is still playing a major role.
I therefore rebased my build-environment on macOS High Sierra and XCode 9.4.1. That is the last combination where I can compile both architectures of Wine in one run. As Clang 32-bit is already removed in macOS Mojave. I was able to install the command line tools of XCode 9.4.1 on it, but in the end, I opted for a clean solution. As the already heavy bending of environment variables to build self-contained versions of Wine got to an all-new level with multiple versions of XCode installed :).
But moving up to High Sierra has its price. The new builds will only run on machines with High Sierra or newer. (Let me know if you still need to run WineBottler on older versions of macOS, it might be possible to move one or two incarnations back. Possibly not as far as the now really outdated WineBottler 2.0 or WineBottler 1-8 did. They were still built on OS X 10.6.8 and had a spectacular range of OS versions supported :D).

Many alternatives for running Windows on Mac use Windows OS for running Windows-based programs. However, Wine stands out from the league. It is a kind of compatibility layer that allows you to run your Windows applications on different POSIX-compliant OS like macOS, BSD, and Linux. A native install of Linux on your Mac if the district fully support the hardware could mostly work but the CPU turning used within macOS isn’t available for any other OS ran on Mac hardware. Now for running a VM of Linux to then run wine to run a Windows application makes little sense and will end up being much slower then directly running. WineBottler allows users to bottle Windows applications as Mac apps. What is WineBottler for Mac? WineBottler allows users to bottle Windows applications as Mac apps. This gives you the ability to run Windows-based programs on your Mac which helps bridge the gap if you’re missing out on a Windows app.

  1. WineHQ packages don't support running 32Bit windows application on macOS Catalina and above that statement still stands. Winebottler hasn't been updated since 2018‑05‑07, the current version is 'Winebottler Development' and only supports Mojave and High Sierra.
  2. Hello, I downloaded winebottler on my mac book pro for helping me run one exe software ( related to writing). But I can't figure out how to use it. The software I bought have to be run on Microsoft.NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86). I am very new to BETA and don't have an excpirience with parallels and boot camp.

16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit

Back to today: The new builds of for WineBottler are based on Wine 4.0.1 and come as shared WoW64 builds. They feature the 32-bit and the 64-bit Wine. Even 16-bit programs still work with the current setup. Further, the builds do include Mono (which was already bi-arch) and both architectures of Gecko.

I did some groundlaying work to include 64-bit support into WineBottlers app-building, already: You can easily select the correct operating-system / architecture combination. But things need to get a little bit smarter still to manage the two possible versions of prefixes that are required. I still consider this build preliminary work. Id est I did not test the setup with macOS Catalina, yet. But I plan on moving all my 32-bit Windows-based programs to their 64-bit counterparts anyway, so I'm not concerned with 32-bit too much.

Winebottler For Mac Os Catalina Version


Finally, we have landed some UI fixes, too. They remove glitches on macOS Mojave, especially in Darkmode. Further, we have addressed missing icons and problems when selecting the exe to be run.

Winebottler For Mac Os Catalina Mac

Look out for the new builds at

Winebottler For Mac Os Catalina

Winebottler For Mac Os Catalina Dmg

Cheers Mike