Universal Thermal Printer Driver

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Universal Printer Driver helps you manage multiple printer devices via one single driver

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Busy and demanding business environments often have multiple OKI networked printer devices to support them which usually require the instalment of a number of different drivers by each user. This in turn needs to be managed by the IT department taking up time and resources.

OKI’s Universal Printer Driver has been developed to simplify the task of managing multiple printer devices via one single driver. By installing OKI’s Universal Printer Driver, users will have quicker and easier access to any PCL 5 supported printer or MFP on their network, regardless of printer type through one common user interface. So, if a printer is out of use, users can access uninterrupted printing by using an alternative device without the hassle of installing a new printer driver. This also results in less helpdesk calls and less pressure on your IT department as the need to install or uninstall new printer drivers will be a thing of the past.

If you have lost your disk driver installation for your 58MM Thermal Receipt Printer with model POS-5890C – you can download a copy of this driver here on our page. Its pretty hard to find a copy of this driver online because this kind of thermal printer are generic and getting the official website or manufacturer of this model is no where to found on the internet and you might also getting risk of downloading malicious program, if you’re downloading from unknown source. I bought this thermal printer on ebay and I still have the disk driver, so I think its a good idea to share the disk driver for everybody.

Tvs Thermal Printer Universal Driver

Here is the full specification of the Thermal Receipt Printer, see below:

Model: POS-5890C
Paper Width: 58mm
Cash Drawer: DC12V/1A
Power Input: DC12V/3A
Interface: USB

Universal thermal printer driver windows 10

You can download the Printer Driver on the link below (39.8MB):

Universal Thermal Printer Driver Windows 10

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Epson universal thermal printer driver

This driver works on Linux, Windows 10, 8.1, 7 or lower version, it also include the operating manual of the printer.

Universal Thermal Printer Driver Download

Driver Directory:
Linux Printer Driver Software/linux32bit/install58
Linux Printer Driver Software/linux32bit/install80
Linux Printer Driver Software/linux64bit/install58
Linux Printer Driver Software/linux64bit/install80
Manual/58MMPrinter Programmer Manual-20150312.pdf
Manual/76MM Program Manual V2.2.pdf
Manual/80MM Printer Programmer Manual-20150312.pdf
Printer Driver Software/POS Printer Driver Setup .exe
Tools/Bluetooth Set tool/…
Tools/IP Setting Tool(For Single Interface Printer)/…
Tools/IP Setting Tool(For Three Interfaces Printer)/…
Tools/PDF Reader/…
Tools/Printer Parameters Setting Tool/…
Tools/WIFI AT Send Tool/…
58MM Thermal receipt printer operating manual.pdf