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TeknoGods Mods C&C3/KW/RA3 Server Emulator Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty World at War Mercenaries 2 Server Emulator Microsoft Fingerprint Reader compatibility project Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Problems & issues Singleplayer InfinityScript Problems & issues. Modern Warfare 3 delivers a multiplayer experience that continues to raise the bar by focusing on fast-paced, gun-on-gun combat, along with innovative features that support and enhance a large variety of play-styles. Killstreaks have been redesigned, new game modes are being introduced, and a gun progression system evolves your weapons over time.

Hello there,

Yet another version is out. Fixes spaces in nicknames, some crashes and adds little features. Change log below:
PS. This one is really final, don’t expect any fixes for a long long while from now.

  1. [MISC] Adjusted maxfps to minimum of 46 (in loader and in-game).
  2. [MISC] Spaces in nickname/title are now allowed (again).
  3. [BUGFIX] Fixed yet another IW bug when class was set to one that had no weapon-data loaded (crashing the client in result).
  4. [FEATURE] Added a security list of dvars that servers will not be able to set for clients. They are:
    “sec_sv_blocked_dvars” and “sec_cfg_blocked_dvars” – both can be set in “config_mp.cfg”, for example:
    seta sec_sv_blocked_dvars “cg_hudChatPosition;cg_chatHeight” –this would protect those 2 dwords against changes from done by the server
    seta sec_cfg_blocked_dvars “cg_hudChatPosition;cg_chatHeight” –this on the other hand, would allow servers (assuming same dvars wouldnt be also blocked using the feature above) to be changed at runtime, but any writes to “config_mp.cfg” for them would be replaced with their default values.
    This basically means you can now protect against some rogue dvar-changes initiated by the game servers (using “sec_sv_blocked_dvars”) or, allow servers to change some risky dvars, but instead, block their write(s) to “config_mp.cfg” (using “sec_cfg_blocked_dvars”).
    Default blocked values:
    “sec_sv_blocked_dvars”: Only “compassSize” for now.
    “sec_cfg_blocked_dvars”: All dvars starting with: “con_”, “cg_Scores”, “cg_chat”, “compass”.
  1. [FEATURE] Added a new dvar “sv_current_dsr” that is automatically updated whenever a new DSR is loaded.
  2. [MISC] Nicknames/titles with spaces are now allowed (again).
  3. [FEATURE] Scripts: Added Utilities.SetConnectErrorMsg(string) function – use this to set error message that will be sent to clients that got denied entry via another new feature:
  4. [FEATURE] Scripts: Added a callback/event: OnClientConnect(Func<Dictionary<string, string>, bool> func)
    How it works: Once server gets a connection-attempt request, this event will be fired up with a dictionary containing all client info.
    Callback should by default return FALSE. If you return TRUE (eatIt?), it will tell the server to deny entry to the client.
    For example: if (args[“name”].ToLower().Contains(“hax”)) { Utilities.SetConnectErrorMsg(“you hax bruh!”); return true; }
  5. [BUGFIX] Scripts: Entity.IP fixed, again. Hopefully for good this time.
  6. [MISC] While B3 normally uses “net_authPort” (that can be used for another service, in which case we increase that port by 1), we have added a new server param “-b3port XXXX” (where XXXX is a port of your choice of course).

Downloads *updated*:

  • via Mega.co.nz (mirror/recommended)
  • via Teknogods.com
  • UPDATE: In the archives above, “TeknoMW3_Client_Launcher.exe” had a small bug that made it impossible to set FOV other than 90 & a small crash if “dw” folder was missing.
    So here is a FIXED ONE!

“TeknoMW3_2.” SHA-1: b1be47bf7a0cde2c6a0b0852176c82c5c848be70

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PS.: Official IW Game files (IWD/FF/EXE) for MW3 version 1.4.382 are not included in this pack, get them on your own from Steam.

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