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Time Life offers unique music and video/DVD products from some of the most beloved artists the world has ever known. Young MA Quiet Storm Slowed mp3. مشاهدة تحميل: Young M A Quiet Storm Bass Boost mp3. مشاهدة تحميل: Mobb Deep Quiet Storm Official Video mp3. Young MA - Quiet Storm (DigitalDripped.com) by Uzi published on 2016-10-14T04:01:11Z. Recommended tracks BROOKLYN (Chiraq Freestyle) Ft. Rell & La Danger (RedLyfe) by Young M.A published on 2014-07-17T18:00:12Z Set Trippin by CASANOVA published on 2018-02-02T00:59:52Z @Young MA x @Sharkbwai - Lil Cutie Freestyle (@ LA LEAKERS RADIO) by Sharkboy🤿.

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Quiet Storm (Drop-Zone Remix) ft Young M.A, JI, S.dot - Mr.Tac a.k.a. Chocolate

Aug 13, 2020 Playing young m.a through the day mp3 download, body bag young m.a mp3 download, young m.a henny dance mp3 download and more. You will like this mix if your young M A fan and love Hiphop. Don’t forget to share mix with your friends and family on all social media platformsEnjoy!!!!

Quiet Storm (feat. Young M.A, JI, S.dot) (Drop-Zone Remix)
Jay Jacks (ft. Jayy) - (Young M.A Quiet Storm Remix) {Official Video) Shot By @Brollvisuals
Young M.A - 'Quiet Storm' (Official Video)- REACTION
Mr. Tac feat. Young MA, Ji & S.Dot - 'Quiet Storm' - Choreography by NatBat

Quiet Storm Young Ma Download Mp3

Reno - Quiet Storm (Young M.A. Remix) Official Music Video Shot By @ryshotem
Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm ft. Lil' Kim (Official Video) ft. Lil' Kim



Young Ma Quiet Storm Instrumental Download

Yeah man
These niggas sleepin' on me man(sleeping on me)
I'm tryna figure out why these niggas sleeping on me
I think they scared man(I think they scared too)
Yo bro I think they scared(hell yeah I think they scared)
I think they scared
They know I'm coming man, I'm coming(yeah yeah)
I don't care what yah niggas talking bout
I don't care i'm coming for that ass(pause pause)
It's Young M.A nigga


So I've been told I'm the hottest in New York
You believe that ma, 'Yeah nigga what you thought'
And I ain't even sign yet
And Flex said, 'Where you been hiding at'
Never hidden
All this shit that I'm spittin' been invented
Songs been written, shows been did it, the booth been in it
Damn I feel offended
But now I'm known from atlantic to the pacific
This is just me, I ain't tryna be different
That's the problem wit the game everybody something they isn't
My goal is the buisness, fuck 7 digits
I'm just tryna do what my brother didn't, I love you nigga
The pain deep I can feel it in my stomach nigga
But that's the pain and the hunger nigga
I from the jungle
To feel success you gotta struggle
To get where I'm at I had to hustle, that's why I'm humble
I had to cry, I had to hurt, I was at my worst
Momma wondered why I never liked to wear a skirts
Or wear a purse
I tried to be girly once, but fortunately it didn't work
I'm coming up, something like a hiccup burp
You runnin' up, see that's what get you hit and murked
You tryna fuck, cause i can see me in a skirt
Double cup, sipping on a Henny blowing purp
Ring ring, the labels calling
So let's see what these labels talking
You tryna get the fortune, we tryna build a corporate
Then incorporate the fortune
If it ain't what we talking, then it ain't important
I'm out your office, I'm off it
In otherwise, don't buy it if you can't afford it
I keep telling these niggas I got a old soul
Squad dressed in all red like a cold nose
It's Redlyfe, yeah the bros and the hoes know
Redbone pussy looking like rose gold
Then I make her turn around like a closed road
Tell her lean that body over like a old rose
Watch looking like something outta cold stones
Gold plate and white diamonds, yeah them cold stones
Frost bite in my chains like cold toes
Icebox for a heart, I got a cold soul
So tell them guys don't fuck with me
I'm here now motherfucker now you stuck with me
My goons stay with that metal like a cutery
We suckerfree you a wannabe you under me
This rap shit, this is fun to me
That show money ain't enough for me
You rap gods ya'll lunch to me
These thot hoes just a fuck to me
Just a umm and a nut to me



It's M.A nigga
I'm coming
Yo Rah tell these niggas im coming man
They been sleepin' man wake the fuck up
It's Brooklyn
It's Redlyfe(x7)

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Quiet Storm Young Ma Download Mp3


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Young M.A – Walk – Since releasing the EP HERstory in April, Young M.A has been quiet aside from a collaboration with T-Pain. The Brooklyn rapper is back with a new single and accompanying music video titled “Walk.” Over the eerie production of 1Mind.

French Montana “Unforgettable”) and DJ Burn One, “Walk” is out now on iTunes and Apple Music. Filmed inside a studio, watch the performance visual directed by a piece by guy.


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