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OP-COM is a Windows based diagnostic program package for Opel / Vauxhall cars. The diagnostic program package covers a wide range of cars from 1990-2017, latest models are also included! Main functions are read and clear fault codes, display live data, perform output tests. Immobiliser support, remote and key fob programming.


OPCOM is a special automotive diagnostic software for Opel/Vauxhall,which run on Window operation system.Opcom VAUX-COM software covers a wide range of Opel/Vauxhall cars from 1990-2017,and latest are also included!

OPCOM VAUX-COM Function List:

Read and clear fault codes

Display live data

Perform output tests

Immobiliser support

Remote Key fob programming
Change variant coding of various control units

And a lost more

OPCOM VAUX-COM Support Units System:







Display etc

OPCOM VAUX-COM Support Vehicle Models List:

There are five different basic versions(official website versions):

Basic-A (Astra)

Supported models: Kadett-E, Astra-F, Astra-G, Astra-H, Astra-J, Zafira-A, Zafira-B, Zafira-C, Cascada

Basic-B (Vectra)

Supported models: Vectra-A, Vectra-B, Vectra-C, Signum, Omega-A, Omega-B, Calibra, Insignia, Speedster / VX220, GT

Basic-C (Corsa)

Supported models: Corsa-A, Corsa-B, Corsa-C, Corsa-D, Tigra-A, Tigra-B, Meriva, Meriva-B, Agila, Agila-B, ADAM

Basic-D (light commercial vehicles, Vans, SUVs)

Supported models: Vivaro, Movano, Antara, Captiva, Frontera, Frontera-B, Speedster / VX220, GT, Mokka

Basic-E (CAN diagnostic)

Supported models: Vectra-C, Signum, Insignia, Astra-H, Astra-J, Cascada, Meriva-B, Corsa-D, ADAM, Antara, Captiva, GT, Mokka

Note:OPCOM official website have three opcom version:Basic,Professional and Advanced version

The Basic version has no functional limitation compared to the Professional version, only the number of available models are different.

China HQ OPCOM Clone Version Car List:

Opel Support Opel Till Year 2014


Price of the Basic version is 349,- Euro.
OP-COM Professional version is 749,- Euro.
OP-COM Advanced version is 1499,- Euro.

SoftwareOpel Diagnostic Software Download

And for China Clone Version,software and hardware $19.99 Opcom OP-Com

OPCOM VAUX-COM Free Download:

OPCOM VAUX-COM Official Software Download:


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Opel Diagnostic Software Download 64-bit

No need activation

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OPCOM VAUX-COM 160115A &170823C Download:

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New version released: 28 April 2014

Gendan VauxCheck diagnostics software

Enhance your ELM-based diagnostics interface with our new engine fault code reading software for Vauxhall/Opel cars.

For most Vauxhall and Opel cars from 1997 to 2008 (petrol and diesel)

Read and clear engine and emissions-related fault codes.


  • Read and clear stored and pending engine fault codes
  • Switch off Check Engine and 'spanner' lights
  • Covers petrol and diesel cars
  • Now also covers certain ABS, Immobiliser and Automatic Transmission modules!
  • Full database built-in of Opel and Vauxhall fault code definitions (almost 3000 code definitions)
  • Works with ELM327-based diagnostic interfaces (USB)

Visit our
VauxCheck website
for full details and screenshots


For a list of engines covered by the package, please see the coverage list on the VauxCheck website here.

Product details

This is for a software download - we will email you download and activation details within one working day of your order.

As this is a software package, we cannot offer a refund once the activation details have been provided. If you are unsure of compatibility with your interface or car, please email us to confirm before ordering.

PC requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Gendan EngineCheck software are:

  • Desktop, laptop or notebook PC
  • Pentium processor (or higher) running at 300MHz (or higher)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 operating system
  • Approx. 25MB of hard disk space
  • ELM327-based diagnostics interface