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A public beta version of the template editor for the ReMOTE SL MK2 (and ZeRO SL MK2) is now available form the Novation beta site. This can be used to easily create advanced mode templates for the ReMOTE SL MK2 controllers and send them to and from the hardware. This software package includes the latest Novation USB driver, MiniNova editor and MiniNova librarian. Updates firmware to 1157.

Automap 4.12

Please note that Automap is NOT supported on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Impulse users please see this article.

Novation Mininova Driver

-Adds support for Steinberg Cubase 9.5

Novation USB Drivers


This installer includes the latest version of the Novation USB 1.1 driver for MAC and PC.

3.1 Driver adds support for macOS 10.15, works on macOS 10.13 or later

Max for Live Melodic Step Sequencer


Added support for Ableton Live 9.

Supported devices:

Launchpad, Launchpad S and Launchpad Mini.

Please unzip the file after downloading.

(Requires Max for Live)

Launchpad Promo Live Set

Ableton Live set for the Novation Launchpad - Official Video.

Novation Mininova Driver

Launchpad StepSeq

The StepSeq is currently a BETA version. To run it you will need Ableton Live 8.1, Max For Live and a Launchpad. You will also need Quicktime installed for all features to function correctly.

Launchpad Programmers Reference Guide

Automap 4 User Guide

Launchpad Brochure

Novation Mininova Windows Driver

Launchpad Getting Started Guide


Get Launchpad on your iPhone®. Turn your iPad® into an analogue-modelling synthesiser. Bring the sounds and effects of our iconic synths directly to your DAW.

From making and remixing music on your mobile devices, to instantly mapping your DAW parameters to your hardware controls, our apps and software integrate with your gear to create unique and portable workstations.

Our apps and software come free with most Novation products, but you can also purchase them separately through our web store.

Helping you find your new sound

Novation Mininova Drivers

Music making is all about the journey, and we’re always looking for new ways to inspire you along the way. That’s why we’ve created the Sound Collective. Receive free versions of the most innovative software instruments and creative FX from developers we admire, as well as discounts to help you make the most of third-party software, exclusive to Novation customers. All you have to do is register your Novation gear, and one offer will be featured in your Novation account every couple of months.