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AutoCAD drawings. AutoCAD formats do not require seed files to generate output. If you choose to use one, you can use.dwg or.dwt file types interchangeably. MicroStation drawings. All MicroStation V8 drawings require a seed file. By default, the Export To CAD tool selects a sample 2D seed file. ArcMap (MXD) to CAD (DWG/DXF) 10:01 AM. I am trying to convert MXD document with legend to DWG/DXF. I have prepared the template file containing block and used tools 'add Cad fields' and 'Export to cad' using python reading domain coded values. I have to convert the layout (legend, scale-bar and North arrow) also to CAD. Mxd project that you want to add the AutoCAD file to. Select Add Data and navigate to the GIS Tutorial Data Folder, Edina OS Data Download, AutoCAD OS File, and add the file 14451808-MM- topo. How convert DWG to shapefile in GIS? In ArcMap, you can add the DWG. Inilah video tutorial Cara Export File SHP to AutoCAD DWG dengan cepat menggunakan software AutoCAD Map. Cara ini akan sangat bermanfaat dan menghemat waktu. Layout Conversion ArcMap (MXD) to CAD (DXF / DWG) By default, ArcGIS does not have the ability to convert ArcMap layout to the CAD format (DXF / DWG). But there are some software / ArcGIS extension that can be utilized to perform the conversion.

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From the list ofsoftware /ArcGISextensionforArcMaplayoutconversiontoCADformat(DXF/DWG), IjusttriedSmartExporter.DXFandArcMaptoAdobeIllustrator(AI)toCAD.Of the two,SmartExporter.DXFproducethe bestconversion,butstillrequiredsomeminimaleditingit,thoughI onlytriedthe trial versiononly.Whiletheconversion ofArcMaptoAdobeIllustrator(AI)toCADcan be spelled outvery 'messy',and the resulttakes a lot ofeditinginCAD.You'vetriedthe software/ArcGISextensionforArcMaplayoutconversiontoCADformat(DXF/DWG)contained inthe list?Or youhave experience usingothertoolsthan thosecontained inthe list?