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US $31.49 - MINI Wireless Camera 32G TF Card HD APP 25fps P2P IP WIFI Camera 1080P Night Vision Motion Detection 2 mp Security IP Camera Indoor Support 64 GB / CMOS / 50 / 60 / iPhone OS / Android 2020.

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HD Camera - HD real time recording and viewing.

Wide view angle - 150 degree wide angle, the camera provides a wide coverage scene, will not miss anything happened in your house.

Night vision - The camera provides excellent night vision, you can monitor even in dark surroundings.

Loop recording - In the recording process, after the memory is full, it will automatically delete the previous video and keep the latest video.

Motion detection - The video will be recorded if any motion is detected, which make your home or office more safe. Perfect for baby monitoring, pet monitoring, and home security monitoring. You can know what was happening when you were out of home.

Mini size - A mounting ways: standing / magnetic stick / wall / flip.


H.264 -1080P remote wireless hidden camera

The camera A9 uses a unique ultra-portable design, it can be applied in various fields, it is very convenient, safe and bring a colorful life for you, please set your camera correctly in accordance with the guidelines of the quick steps.

Point key ON/OFF button to turn on, long press ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn off. (The MODE key is the reset button. Press and hold for 5 seconds in the power-on state to restore the factory settings after automatic restart)

The blue light is the power indicator. The power is always on. The green light is the WIFI indicator and the red light is the charge indicator. When the lamp is fully charged after charging.

Specific models are as follows
1. Ad hoc mode: Slow Green light flashing
2. Router mode: Green light flash
3 After you have configured remote camera: Green light

Under clear what mode, the camera can be reset at switch to point mode.

Note: This must be reset at a red light flash or slow flash when you press the reset built to be useful! Press the reset built around five seconds off the whole machine lights let go until the camera starts to complete (about 30 seconds).

APP software download

Method 1: Scan the QR (picture 1) code directly to go to the download screen (picture 2). Select appropriate download software according to your mobile phone system. (Note: . This kind of installation is only available for Chinese Mainland).
Method 2: For Android phones, search for APP software named “HDMiniCam” in Google Play, download and install it.
For Iphone, APP software named “HDMiniCam” in App Store, download and install it.

Point the camera phone connection

Enter the phone settings where WIFI signal inside, find the signal (this is the machine UID number is unique to each machine) and connected. as the picture shows

Then open the phone APP (IMINICAM) appears as shown in the figure, this signal is the machine's UID UID of each machine is different, even after clicking on the plus sign shown above to add into the camera as shown below.

Click to go online camera appears as shown, click Skip to watch videos.

Camera remote settings

In point can watch video, return to the previous enter the interface shown

Click on the small gear Enter Advanced configuration shown below

Find the installation location of the signal router, configure the camera to enter a password into the router as shown below.

OK, wait for the camera to complete restart, it takes about 40 seconds. Online from the camera will turn off, then you can remotely access, and when the phone WIFI and cameras in the same network which is a local area network, or any other phone connected to the 4G WIFI cell phone signal APP will automatically reconnect the camera after a successful connection You can watch the video.

1) Download the computer client by downloading the address and install

2) Click on the successful installation will appear as shown in Figure Desktop login box appears. (See below)

Enter the user name (admin) Click login (Note: The original user name is admin without a password).






Resolution Ratio: 1080P/720P/640P/320P
Video Format: AVI
Frame Number: 25
Visual Angle: 150 degree
Motion Detection Camera Shooting Straight line 6 meters
Minimal Illumination: 1LUX
Video Duration: Over 1 Hours
Compressed Format: H.264
Recording Range 5m2
Consumption: 240MA/3.7V
Storage Temperature: -20-80 degree centigrade
Operating Temperature: -10-60 degree centigrade
Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH
Memory Card Type: TF card
Player Software: VLCPlayer/SMPlayer
Computer Operating System: Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile Phone Operating System: Android/iOS
Web browser: IE7 and above, chrome, firefox safari.etc
Largest customer: 4


1. Why remote monitoring is not smooth?
You should choose suitable resolution to watch according to your Internet.

2. Why SD card cannot save?
SD card must be formatted if this is your first time to use.

3. Why Connection is not on the network?
Select the correct connection way according to your network

4. Why APP remote viewing SD card video is not smooth?
As a result of the mobile decoding ability are different, and you can adjust video equipment according to your mobile’s resolution

5. How to find my password?
To press reset key with 10 seconds and Restore the factory Settings.

The device name easy to remember just write
Paste on P2P UID
Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date.

Special note:
1. If the camera is not connected to the router, please reset, even after a hot machine to configure.
2. If the camera does not read the memory card, or mobile phone in the LAN advanced settings in the background formatting after use.
3. Shutdown Reset: Please re-operation off and reset when you see the red light.

Combining low-light monitoring capabilities and high-definition recognition, Hikvision smart IP cameras can easily meet the requirements of enterprise projects. Pro Series (EasyIP) Hikvision Pro Series network cameras aim to provide just the right components, including intelligent features that are affordable and easy to use. Address: 119 Braintree St Ste 701 Boston MA 02134. Phone: (877) 644-7592. Email: email protected Working Days/Hours: Mon - Fri / 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST. A9 Mini WIFI HD 1080P Wireless IP Camera October 18, 2019 April 20, 2020 Peter Scargill General 31 Comments on A9 Mini WIFI HD 1080P Wireless IP Camera April 2020 – the APP for this camera is no longer available on the Android Playstore and the QR Code takes you to a dead website – another nail in the coffin for cloud-based cameras?

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At one point they were a pretty niche product, but nowadays, mini cameras can be found in households around the world. They’ve gained a lot of popularity among people, especially since the technology they require has become very affordable.

You might find them under various names, “hidden camera”, “nanny cam”, etc., and they’re used for various purposes. From monitoring childcare providers, to home security, they can come in pretty handy. Before we even begin, make sure you know the laws before you put a hidden camera in your home, or office for that matter. They could get you in legal trouble if you don’t abide by the laws.

One big benefit they come with is that they’re very easy to set up and use. Most of the models are similar, so setting one up shouldn’t be much different from another one. Let’s take a look at some of the basics of how to use a mini camera, and how to set it up for best performance.

If you havent already check out our top 10 mini cameras this year list and guide.

Make sure you choose a good spot

To begin with, you want your camera to have a good line of sight. Think about what you’re monitoring, if it’s a person, think about the behavior or the place they’d be. Make sure there aren’t any visual obstructions. For example, if you’re worried about how a nanny might be treating your baby, make sure the camera points towards their crib. If you’re using the mini camera for break-ins, point it towards the doors.

Another consideration should be the sound. Many cameras nowadays let you record sound as well, but that won’t be of much use to you if you put the camera next to a speaker, or your TV set. The noises from the speakers or the TV will drown out everything else, making the sound you’ve just recorded pretty much useless. If you have such devices, it would be wise to place the camera on the opposite side of the room. If you want to listen in on a person, maybe try putting it near a couch, or a chair, your target could sit on, or in.

While discussing placement, keep the power supply in mind. Some cameras offer battery-powered recording, so you can put them just about anywhere, without any cables in sight. However, ones that need power should be placed near a socket. And, you should ensure that the cable that is visible is either hidden, or disguised as another household appliance. If your camera needs a wired connection, it should be near a router, or a computer. You don’t want to be running long cables all over your place.

And, last but not least, actually check out the spot to see if your eye is naturally drawn to it. There are certain places, or layouts, or patterns, that attract attention. If you think the target is likely to look there, don’t put the camera there or it might be spotted easily.

A good hint would be to keep it significantly higher, or lower, than the average eye level. A fake smoke alarm could do, or you could put it under furniture.

If you aren’t sure whether you did a good job, ask a friend or family member to try and find the camera that you’ve hidden. If they can’t find it, even though they know it’s there, you’re good. However, if they find it rather quickly, you might want to pick a better spot.


Installing the camera

The first potential problem when you’re installing a hidden camera could be the lighting. On one hand, they often do require a lot of light in the room if you want a clear picture. On the other hand, if there’s a lot of light shining at them, chances are you won’t be able to see anything through them.

Your camera should face away from a major light source, and whatever it is recording should be well lit.

Next, you’ll want to camouflage it well. Even though you’ve put it out of sight, you don’t want someone accidentally spotting it and recognizing it as a camera. You could make sure that the camera itself is as small and discrete as possible, or you could disguise it as an everyday object.

Chances are you’ve come across nanny cams that look like common household objects, such as a wall hook, or a plug-in air freshener. People are much less likely to see something that looks like a wall hook and notice the hidden lens, than an obvious camera that’s well hidden.

Once you’re done installing it, you should test it. This is especially important for motion activated, or sound activated cameras. You should make sure that it does detect motion or sound correctly, as you don’t want it failing when you really need it. And don’t just do this once you’ve installed it – check it a week or two later to ensure it’s still working.

Maintain it!

Even if you think that you set it up, and it’s working, and everything’s done, a hidden camera does require a bit of maintenance.

For example, if it’s a battery-powered camera, you should regularly check the battery level, and either change the batteries or recharge the camera when necessary.

To see how often you should do this, you could check the owners’ manual. If there isn’t a mention of this, you could keep track of how long it takes for it to empty completely.

The memory should also be cleaned out, especially if your camera isn’t network-connected and uses a micro SD card for storage. If you’re using an IP server to record, you won’t need to do this.

Mini Wireless Ip Camera User Manual Pdf

Last but not least, as with any electronic device, it might break at some point. You want to be aware if this happens, so ensure that you check it regularly to see if it’s working as it should be.

Instructions and Manuals

Mini Wireless Ip Camera User Manual Guide

The issue with minicameras is there are so many in the market that finding isntructions and properly installing them varies so much from different models that its hard to give a one size fits all tutorial on their install. However there are some commonalities between different models and the smaller square shaped camera has taken off as the most popular and has similar instructions through models.

We have compiled a list here of the different mini cameras and their instructions so you can either find your model or find a model similar to your camera and follow the instructions int he case that you have lost your own instructions.

Mini Wireless Ip Camera User Manual Software

Please again keep in mind these may be different models to your particular camera and your mileage may vary.