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Microsoft Expression Web 4 is a visual debugging tool for web developers which can display the URL of your choice as though it was rendered by IE6, IE7, IE8, IE8's compatibility view and Firefox 3.6.

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Microsoft Expression Web 4 - Download Hi, Microsoft Expression Web 4 was available as free at Microsoft to download, but now I can't find it where to download.

And if you subscribe to Microsoft's SuperPreview online service beta (just a matter of submitting and confirming your email address) then you'll also gain the ability to render pages in IE9, Safari 4 and 5 on the Mac, and Chrome, very useful for confirming that your sites display correctly for just about everyone.

The program is extremely easy to use. Just select the two browsers that you'd like to compare (IE6 and Firefox, say), enter a URL, and Expression Web will render the page in both engines and then display them, side by side. You can optionally overlay the pages if you find that makes it easier to spot any errors. And if there is an issue, just clicking on the problematic page element will display it's tag, size, position and location in the DOM, helping you to quickly fix the problem.

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/tamil-songs-karaoke-music-free-download/. And even if you don't want to buy a copy of Expression Web when the 60-day trial remains useful. It won't allow you to render pages in Firefox (or use the online service), any more, but you'll still be able to compare URLs in all the supported versions of IE.

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Microsoft Expression Web 4.0 For Mac

At last, an easy way to see how your site renders in the various versions of IE