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©Mayan Prophecy Team 2008-2020 Designed & Powered by MPT. Cr4cking th3 c0d3 4 fun! Username: password: Remember me log in Close; HOME; XIB'ALB'A. According to, the hidden code is said to be cracked by mathematically selecting letters from the texts which appear to create words which can be read as prophecies.

  1. Dec 21, 2012 2012 Mayan Prophecy THERE IS NO PROPHECY WRITTEN BY THE ANCIENT MAYA THAT SAID THE WORLD IS GOING TO END ON. Now that we have that out of the way, it is important to realize that the idea that the world is going to end is an assumption that has become what is called Common Knowledge.
  2. The Mayans left us the inhabitants us of the planet land of today, a message written in stone, a message that contains seven prophecies, a part of alert and a part of hope, the alert message prophesies on which it is going to happen in these times that we live.

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Mayan Prophecy Cracked

Battle Of Stalingrad

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PureInsight September 24, 2001

According to the Mayan Long Count Calendar, December 21, 2012 is the end of this human civilization. Human beings will enter a whole new civilization, which is totally unrelated to the current one. The Mayan people did not mention the cause. One thing is clear: the last day does not mean the arrival of any calamity; instead, it implies a whole new cosmic awareness and spiritual transition towards the new civilization.

The Mayan people did not have the advanced technologies we have today, but they were amazingly expert in astrology and mathematics. In addition, there were many unsolved riddles. They had advanced road systems, but did not use wheels. Therefore they didn't have to raise cattle and horses. However, they knew how to make wheels, for later people found out that the Maya used wheels to make toys for their kids. They ornamented the door of a moon temple with images of the back of the Moon. Our scientists were initially confused by the patterns, then could not understand, after they found out that the pattern was that of the back of the Moon, how the Maya could see it? The Moon always faces the Earth with only one side. Perhaps because of their unique wisdom bestowed by their cosmic awareness, the Mayan people had their own cultivation system (please refer to the figure). The Mayan people disappeared at the peak of their civilization. People in later times have not been able to figure out the reason even after exhaustive thinking.

In year 1521, Spanish invaders found an empty city left by the Maya. The Spanish destroyed most of the written documents of the Mayan people. The remaining three books are not sufficient for decoding the Mayan civilization. Although the Mayan people disappeared a long time ago, the Long Count Calendar remained. It foretells the end of the current civilization – December 21, 2012. Whom did they leave this prophecy for?

December 21, 2012 is the last day of the thirteenth Baktun, according to the Mayan Long Count Calendar. The Maya logged this date as Let's first take a look at the counting method of the Mayan people:

For example, equals 6 Baktun, 19 Katun, 19 tun, 0 Unial and 0 Kin. The total is 6*144000+19*7200+19*360 = 1,007,640 days. equals 13*144000 = 1,872,000 days, almost 5,125.36 years. According to J. Eric S. Thompson, the Maya's is equivalent to Julian day number 584,283, namely, B.C. August 11, 3114. is 5,125 years after that date, that is, December 21, 2012.

Since the Mayan people were expert sky watchers, scholars of the Mayan civilization studied the future sky for December 12, 2012 and realized the reason that the Maya determined this day as the last day. This day will be a Winter Solstice. The Sun is going to exactly overlap with the intersect point of Ecliptic of the Milky Way and Equator. (Please see Figure 1)

At this point, the Sun will be located in the crack of the Milky Way. Or the Milky Way 'sits' on the Earth. It will be almost like opening a door to the sky for the Earth. (Figure 2)

In A. D. 755, a Mayan monk predicted that after 1991 two major events would happen: human beings' cosmic awareness and Earth purification and regeneration. In fact, the Mayan people called the last 20 years of the 13th Baktun (from 1992 to 2012) 'the Earth regeneration' or the 'Earth purification' period.

In fact, we often see hints of the future in our daily life. People just ignore them. There is a similar prophecy on the back of the one U.S. Dollar bill. Please refer to One of the seals is a pyramid. (Figure 3) This pyramid has 13 layers. At the peak of the 13-layer pyramid, there is a shining eye of wisdom. (The initial design had a palm tree.) This implies the waking-up of human beings after 13 Baktun. 'Annuite coeptis' means that Gods are taking care of our behaviors. 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' means the new order in the new era.

Nowadays, we live in a material age. Modern people care about money, beautiful people, desires, pleasure, achievement, power and social status more than anything else. Those people who are not interested in these things have to struggle in the dirty undercurrent of life. Mental collapse due to these modern values is common. People become more and more indifferent to evil, violence, was, disastes, plague, hunger, terrorism, and the craziness of society. Few people realize that the human society is heading towards self-destruction.

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In such a society, what force can purify the Earth? It is definitely not forceful control by governments of laws. For laws are written by people. Laws are bound to have loopholes. Violators can evade punishment by virtue of status, relationships or money. In addition, laws can only punish behavior that is seen by others; they cannot restrict people's hearts. It cannot be a break-through in science, because it is exactly science that led people to pursue material pleasures and deviate from morality and consciousness more and more.

This force behind the return to morality must come from waking people up. Specifically, people have to reflect on themselves. And there must be a certain number of them. But it is not easy to reflect in such a society so full of temptations and pressures. Not to mention a getting a large number of people all to reflect on themselves! If only a few people examine themselves, the impact will be very limited. This may purify some individuals, but not the Earth.

According to the Mayan Calendar, the year 1992 is the first year of the last 20 years in the 13th Baktun. (20 years is a Unial. The Mayan Calendar callsthe last 20 years the Earth purification period.) Among the major events in the past 10 years, only the emergence of Falun Dafa, with its principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance can be considered as purifying the Earth. And 1992 was the first year that Mr. Li Hongzhi introduced Falun Dafa to the public. Mr. Li Hongzhi's birth date is May 13. (Another 13) In the short seven years from 1992 to 1999, cultivators in China reached a total number of a hundred million. Mr. Li Hongzhi helped many cultivators walk away from the society full of temptations, taught them how to reflect on themselves. It is equivalent to 'examining oneself' in cultivators' terminology. Millions of people improving themselves toward compassion can be considered as one piece of evidence of 'the Earth purification'. In July 1999, Jiang's regime started its brutal persecution. This incident seemed to be coincidental, but it was inevitable from the point of view of history. First, the occurrence of this incident proved the prophecy of Nostradamus. Nostradamus predicted in his book of prophecy, Centuries, a major event would take place in July, 1999. This event was a very important milestone. It marked the beginning of a battle between the righteous and the evil. The majority of his prophecies were not clear in terms of time. However, with this event, he wrote down the exact time: July 1999. It's out of the question. (Please refer to Mr. Li Hongzhi's article, 'In Reference to a Prophecy,' for more detailed explanations.) Second, Falun Dafa has been pushed to the world arena ever since. It ceased to be a cultivation of a regional or partial group. This is because a force of purification and regeneration has to face the whole world and have the power of spreading Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and eradicating the evil. Falun Dafa practitioners' 'The Fa rectifies the cosmos' is in fact a more comprehensive way of 'purifying the Earth'. The global impact of this will be known by everyone in the world. Everyone on the Earth will have opportunities, perhaps more than one, to reflect on this and make his/her judgments.

The Mayan people predicted thousands of years ago according to their reading of the celestial objects: the awakened people are going to complete the holy mission of 'Earth purification'. On December 21, 2012, human beings are going to enter a new civilization.

Mayan Prophecy End Of The World

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