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iPadian iOS 10 – Are you a regular Android device user and haven’t even touched an iOS device? Well, it’s time that you have a dip into the pure Apple iOS experience without buying the expensive device first but instead downloading a free to use app that simulates it perfectly. You can get the opportunity to experience iOS on your laptop with this amazing app known as iPadian which has been around for quite a while now. Earlier just an app meant for developers to test their apps before releasing them, this service has come a long way ahead from that time. Now the iPadian app has changed its objective to providing consumer grade Apple experience to the users on their laptops for free.

Though the app does have a paid version which is mainly for the enthusiasts who would like to tweak around a little more with the software.As we all know iOS isn’t something that you could emulate on your Windows PC’s using Virtual Box or VMware. It is almost impossible to be able to do so as Apple has got a discreet way to share the updates with its users using a not so common .IPSW format. This .IPSW file format hasn’t gotten its official version of emulation but with iPadian it is pretty much easy.

You don’t have to do any work like setting it up and waiting to install iOS on a virtual machine. Instead, everything comes already set up and you just have to install the software on your Windows machine. This is why iPadian is not considered an emulator instead, it is considered as a simulator which helps you get the feel of using an iOS device. It is probably one of the easiest ways to check if you will be comfortable using an iOS device before actually investing your money in a portable Apple device like an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Ipadian Ios 11 Free Download Mac Download

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Ipadian Free For Mac

IPadian looks great, and works, too - you really can get some of the feel of an iPad on a Windows desktop. There are many issues, though: the system doesn't always work as you expect, and replacing touch with a mouse and keyboard makes for a clunky interface.

iPadian iOS 10 – Key Features

There is a lot to the iPadian software and I am pretty sure you’d like to know what all it has to offer. So, without any further ado let’s have a look at that –

Ipadian Ios 13 Free Windows

  • Simulates the exact Apple and iOS experience on the device.
  • Special apps made just for the app for you to use.
  • Tries to replicate the exact iOS impressions.
  • Is free to download.
  • Comes with many games to play with.

Though the app simulates the way an iOS device works, it doesn’t quite allow you to download apps and use it as an emulator to get all the functionalities of it. Thus it is safe to say the software is only meant to test out iOS.

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iPadian iOS 10 – Steps To Download on iPhone

iPadian has a lot to offer as we have boasted about it throughout this article. Now it is time that we look into how we get the software for our PCs –

  • Firstly open up google chrome or any browser you prefer on your PC.
  • Open up this link – http://www.ipadian.net/
  • Now press on the blue download button.
  • This should download the app straight away.
  • Install and use the app to your liking.

Ipadian Free Download


Ipadian Ios 12 Free Download

iPadian is one and only emulator for Windows and MAC, which can emulate “iOS Operating System” Smoothly.