How To Download Sketchfab Models

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Can You Download Models From Sketchfab

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Sketchfab now offers over 600,000 free Creative Commons models.

How To Download Sketchfab Models

Today we’re excited to announce that Sketchfab now hosts over 600,000 free-to-download 3D models! This milestone is made possible by our community of generous creators who upload and share amazing new 3D models every day.

The diversity of downloadable content makes this vast quantity of models a truly unique resource. Whether you’re looking for cars & vehicles, animals & pets, architecture, or literally anything else, Sketchfab has you covered!

Combined with the recently improved Downloadable Model License Filters, it's now easy to find exactly what you need. Please do remember though that Creative Commons models come with some requirements: most requite at least attribution (credit + a link to the original), and some may exclude commercial use etc.

3d Models Download