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Files for GTA San Andreas

Gta Spider Man Download Pc

File uploaded by:DaFe
The developer under the nickname J16D showed one of his most ambitious works - he transferred Spider-Man with all the mechanics of flight and movement on the web to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
In a fresh video, J16D showed the progress that has been made over the years of development. He copied many elements from the game Insomniac Games: he transferred in detail the interface, menus and costumes of the Spider.
In the archive you will find the mod itself and additional files for installation (CLEO, Modloader, LimitAdjuster and other mods necessary for this to work)
Well, and where without a detailed Readme with a ton of information about the authors, about installing and using this mod? There are 2 Readme in the archive - the original author and translated into Russian. There are controls, notes from the author, his discord server and much more.

Mods → CLEO scripts
')' onmouseout='hide_info(this)'>J16D
130.00 Mb

Gta Spiderman Game Download For Android Download


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