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English 3DS Rom Free Download No Survey Pokedex. Here are the top benefits of using hack tool – Get all the cheats – There are so many cheats that you can use to complete this game in grand style but for that you have to search internet proactively. Now Download pokemon alpha sapphire extreme randomizer the all new and Exclusive Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom from our website without no survey. Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 9. Pok e9mon Alpha Sapphire EXTREME Randomizer Nuzlocke (Episode 0).

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Wait is Over Guys. Free ROMS of Pokemon X and Y for PC are out Now. We don’t have words to describe how awesome this game is. This game is much better then Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. We have now played this game many times and we have gone addictive.

Graphics of this game are just awesome. It gives 3D Graphics in many phases of game. Currently We have Rom available only for Nintendo 3DS.

Yes Friends, Its true. We are providing 100% Working leaked and free version of Pokemon X and Y Rom Download with no survey. You can easily play this game on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS and GBA as it comes with built-in 3DS Emulator which can be used to emulate almost all games on your favorite device.

We suggest you to download this rom as soon as possible as Pokemon and Nintendo Officials can claim the Rom anytime. Press the below Download Now Button to Start Downloading right away after a small security measure.

How to Download Pokemon X and Y on PC?

All you have to do is to click the below download button to start downloading the Pokemon X and Y English Rom. Since the Rom for the English Pokemon X and Y Pokedex leak can be claimed by Nintendo and Pokemon officials anytime, it is best to take advantage of this Pokemon X and Y download as soon as possible.


Step 1:-

File Name: Pokemon X and Y Roms Bundle
File Size: 112.27 MB
Press the below Button to Start Download:-

Step 2:-

Download 3DS Emulator from any of these links:-

Download gta 5 for mac free no surveys
  1. 3DS Emulator Download:-
  2. Download 3DS Emulator:-

If you guys have any questions then please feel free to post them in comments section below. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

No doubt some of you are asking “what the heck is Pokémon Emerald Randomizer”? Well, what we have here is a really cool way for people to experience Pokémon Emerald. In case you did not know, Emerald was the enhanced version of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire which was originally released on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance all the way back in 2005.

Is This A Brand New Game?

Hmm, well no it is not. Look at the time I thought that Pokémon Emerald was a good game, but let’s be honest. When it comes to enhanced versions of Pokémon games, Emerald perhaps offered the least amount of extra content that any other enhanced Pokémon game had offered. What we have here with this Pokémon Emerald Randomizer is a way to make the events of Emerald more “random” I know it sounds weird, but it is kind of cool.

Pokemon Nuzlocke Silver this is a very interesting game, make sure you will love it. Try playing this Pokemon Game, wish you a good day and thank you for your play game here. Pokemon Emerald Randomizer (Hack) GBA ROM Download. Languages: English. For Nintendo GameBoy Advance. Aug 19, 2017 - Second, I really want to know how to make an extreme randomizer for ORAS. For your pokemon game (AS/OR) then download PK3DS HERE (log in as. Sapphire / Omega Ruby Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke ROM Hack. I really wanna do a Randomizer Nuzlocke with my younger brother so he can have fun and we can get a challenge.

Where Is It?

Once you have installed the Pokémon Emerald Randomizer you will notice that things are different. This program will randomize the starter Pokémon and the items they have! It will also randomize all of the other Pokémon that you will encounter in the game so you never know what the heck will show up and where. This little bit of unpredictability really does make the game that extra bit exciting.

If you have played the heck out of Ruby, Sapphire and even the original version of Emerald then you will certainly like how this keeps you on your toes. The actual Pokémon themselves are changed to ranging from their move’s stats, pallets and so on.

More Randomness!

While the main aspect of this has to be the way it randomizes the Pokémon. It actually tinkers with many other aspects of the game too. Items are now randomized too, not just where they are found in the wild, but in shops as well in terms of their availability and also how many of them there are. The way characters talk can now be different to thanks to the way they are referred to changing. It is pretty crazy the number of things that this can change ranging from the more obvious such as the Pokémon themselves to the items and even things like your Pokedex!

I will admit that something like the Pokémon Emerald Randomizer is really only aimed at those of us who are diehard Pokémon fans. It is very well done and while it does take a bit of work to install, I do think that it is worth checking out if you are a fan of the series. I will be honest and say that if you are not someone who has played through Ruby, Sapphire and the main version of Emerald. I would suggest playing one of those (preferably Emerald) first before you play this.

Final Score: 7.5/10


  • The way it changes things is cool
  • Tons of changes to the actual Pokémon
  • The randomness of the starters is a bit of a game-changer
  • It is free to use
  • Makes Pokémon Emerald seem more different


  • Not the best way to first experience Emerald
  • You do have to work to get the best of it

Now Download pokemon alpha sapphire extreme randomizer the all new and Exclusive Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Rom from our website without no survey. Pokemon Crystal Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 9. Pok e9mon Alpha Sapphire EXTREME Randomizer Nuzlocke (Episode 0). The Universal Pokemon Randomizer is a program which will give you a new experience playing Pokemon games. In the same vein as previously released randomizers, it provides a customized gameplay experience by allowing you to randomize many things: The Starter Pokemon choices. The Wild Pokemon you encounter in grass, caves and other places.


[Guide] How to Randomize/Edit Pokemon X/Y or ORAS

  1. Getting The Game Files

    a) To make a HANS patch (simpler) just use BrainDump on your 3DS to dump your Pokemon X/Y. Then proceed to step 2.

    b) To make a CIA installable (harder, easier to access) your going to need a CIA of Pokemon X/Y (google is your friend). Then your going to want follow this guide here. Remember to download the Pack at the very top. ONLY FOLLOW THE EXTRACTION STEP. Then continue to step 2.

  2. Editing

    To randomize the game just download pk3DS. Once it is downloaded, open it, go to File - Open and find where you extracted your CIA or where your game dump is. Open the folder that has the ROMFS and EXEFS folders inside it. Once it's open edit anything you want. But not anything under the CRO section, this will break your game/patch, APPEALING TO COMMENTS: You can use CRO modifiers, but you must have Luma3DS as your CFW

  3. Saving

    a) If you were editing a game dump to make a HANS patch, simply stay in pk3DS, go to Tools - Rebuild - ROMFS, and save it as (Pokemon X: 00055d00.romfs, Pokemon Y: 00055e00.romfs) MAKE SURE THEY ARE SAVED AS .ROMFS. Voila, that's it for this section! Continue to step 4 Ibm spss statistics 20 download free.

    b) If you are using an extracted CIA, simply go back to the guide and follow the Rebuilding Section. Then continue to step 4.

  4. Usage

    a) Once you have your .romfs file, open up your 3DS SD card, make a new folder called HANS, and place the .romfs file in there. Then, boot into Hombrew Launcher, open HANS, select your game, put ROMFS ---> SD to YES and click play! You have to do this every time you want to play the randomizer. Finished!

    b) Once you have you .cia file from step 3, drag it onto the root of your SD card and install it using a CIA installer of your choice. Then boot up the game and voila! It's randomized, just open it from the home screen like normal.

Hope this helped you!

Originally written: May 28th 2016, in Q&A General: It's Raining Bricks Edition. Written By: PCDemi

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Gta 5 Download For Mac No Survey Free

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