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The marketing of commercial software is funded by the paying public. These programs typically offer ease-of-use and extensive feature sets. However, no single software can be the “magic bullet” to address the vast needs of a Forensic Video Analyst. Unfortunately, the procurement of every forensic software tool is outside the budget of most labs. Furthermore, most commercial applications simplify (aka restrict) software feature options and behavior.
If you have ever used the Firefox web browser or Thunderbird email, then you already know the value of open-source software. Most open-source software is written by experts for the greater good without any advertising, fee or bloated code. AvsPmod, AviSynth and VirtualDub are three such open-source programs reviewed, improved and supported by millions of active users. These innovative tools let the user easily create, configure, reorder and customize thousands of free plug-in filters, scripts and features to clean video files.
Because these open-source programs are free, their power and flexibility are rarely promoted. This is not to say that open-source is a better resource than industry specific commercial software, but it does allow access to features unavailable in commercial applications. For example, Forensic Protection’s work on the George Zimmerman case was performed using open-source software and the resulting video-image evidence remains the clearest available anywhere. Those results would have been impossible using commercial industry software. A properly equipped forensic lab should rely on both commercial and open-source software.
Directly open image-video files or use high-resolution screen capture with audio synch
Isolate camera views (even sequenced). Remove any borders and redundant frames
Stabilize cell phone & dash-cam video, isolate subtle motion, and track moving objects
De-interlace or field shift videos. Stitch multiple cameras into a single panoramic view
Brighten dark scenes, suppress video noise, zoom-in, crop and adjust playing speed
Correct for focus, motion and blur. Adjust curves, levels, channels and color space
Recalibrate viewing perspective to accurately measure an object’s size or speed
Authenticate a file's structure, watermark, metadata, error level analysis and hash tag
Analyze spectral, histogram and Fourier views. Work with “i” frames and vectors
Enhance audio and add on-screen transcription. Watermark clarified-enhanced files
View original and processed videos side-by-side, and save using common formats
Nearly everything required is free, with most optional capabilities selling for around $30. Each file and workflow detail is automatically documented for easy court-ready report generation. No other FVA solution delivers this level of power, control and access to the source code for full compliance with current and upcoming forensic guidelines.
AvsPmod and VirtualDub do not require installation and can be carried on a tiny USB thumb drive. As with AviSynth, these programs are free, open-source, and provide you with the unrestricted rights to use, rewrite and customize the software to meet your specific needs.
EDIT: All of the above open-source software has been combined into one easy-to-use program called VideoCleaner. As expected, the software plus any updates and support, are FREE. VideoCleaner is free video enhancement software.
When you launch AvsPmod you will see both a text and video preview window (press the F5 key if you do not already see the video preview window). As you begin to type a command into the text window, context aware help provides real-time guidance. If you type something that doesn’t make sense, a pop-up message will detail the problem. If you need further assistance, the built-in help or an Internet search can provide tremendous self-guidance.
You can also ask other forensic experts by posting your question at Linkedin’s AVIs group “Audio Video Innovations and Solutions”*.
EDIT (11/19/2013): VideoCleaner is free video enhancement software designed to simplify the use of the open source software detailed above. It is recommended that you use the industry's standardized testing
MAT form.
These powerful open-source tools deliver clear evidence and a greater understanding of how and why each process works. The user can optimize and automate nearly every step, thus eliminating judgment-based errors and ensuring an accurate reproducible set of facts. When used along with commercial offerings, the end result is optimal clarity with lower labor costs.
AVIs is a fully-moderated collaborative group serving the needs of the forensic community. Topics include best practices, product support, industry standards, training resources, career opportunities, and a sub-group for vendor content. Postings are private and will not be indexed by the internet search engines. Free Linkedin membership is required.
Douglas Carner
has contributed to, but has no financial stake in, the promotion and continued development of open-source software to serve the audio-video forensic community.

  1. Forensic Video Enhancement Software For Mac

Free forensic video enhancement software download. Free Digital Painting Software for Mac users has not been very common, but FireAlpaca is available for both Mac and Windows. And a file is exchangeable between Mac and Windows. Highly recommended for Mac users as well! OSXCollector – free Mac OS X forensics toolkit. Collect and analyse OS X forensic evidence with an open source toolkit. OSXCollector will help digital forensics analysts to gather information from plists, SQLite databases and the local file system. This information can be used by the analyst to answer the following very important questions. Forensic Video Enhancement Software Movie Controller Provides The Movie Controller provides advanced video playback with audio support allowing the end-user to adjust which frames of video to playback, how frames are played back, and even synchronize multiple videos.

Convert unplayable video files

Convert videos from proprietary DVRs, CCTV, and any other source into standard formats


Enhance Faces

Process and analyze digital images and video to see faces better


Play and Analyze Video from Drones

Convert, play, apply quick enhancements and redact images for investigations


See license plates better

Process and analyze digital image and video data in a simple, fast and precise way

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Find tampering in photos

Analyze a digital photo to determine if it is an original or has been manipulated


Process police body worn video

Undistort fisheye lens, stabilize footage, and protect victims with redaction


Verify if a photo was taken by a specific device

Camera ballistics determines that a specific device, and not just the make or model, was used to generate a specific picture


Assisting law enforcement, military and government

Amped Software develops solutions for image and video processing for forensic and investigative applications


We are setting the standard for image and video forensics

Amped Software solutions are used by the top law enforcement, military, and government agencies worldwide. The company focuses on developing global leading solutions for all image and video processing needs relating to forensics, investigations, public safety, and intelligence. With an emphasis on the transparency of the methodologies used, Amped solutions empower customers with the three main principles of the scientific method: accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility.


Empowering investigators, detectives, frontline officers, and first responders, to conduct a first level analysis of their video evidence.

I am a Forensics Examiner in Cyprus Police Criminalistic Services. I use Amped FIVE on a daily basis and honestly, I cannot imagine myself working without it! Really awesome software, great workflow, great filters, plays and converts everything, great tools for analysis and most importantly the report is the most useful tool for the court!

Amped FIVE is powerful, intuitive and reliable.. I've used Amped FIVE to process over 1000 video cases since I was first introduced to it in 2012. I'm continually amazed to discover how easily it handles almost even the most challenging proprietary video formats. [..] It’s the best video processing tool I use and a must for any investigator who relies on video evidence.

One of the many great things about Authenticate is that even when you find that the image is a camera original, and has not been altered, it provides me with the justification for that finding so that I can write a thorough report showing what I have analyzed and what the results of that analysis are.

[..] That was some of the best training I have ever received. The examples were real life cases and very relatable. The instruction was done in a clear and concise manner, and I now feel confident in my understanding of how the software works and explaining my processes in court.

FIVE was critical in my being able to 'see through the dark' and establish the movements of the first of two suspects, which inevitably helped us determine how the second suspect became involved. It’s so rewarding and exciting to get positive results! Amped FIVE makes my job so much easier; I especially appreciate the way FIVE includes in my reports all of the processes I’ve saved.

[..] Major pros are the crystal clear workflow and the highly responsive team. A useful feature is the recording of the processing chain, including technical references. This definitely is a killer feature when considering ISO17025 standard requirements.

Automatic Video Conversion

DVRConv is the easiest way to convert unplayable video files. Videos from proprietary DVR/CCTV systems, dash cams, body worn cameras and any other video source, can now be converted automatically with no quality loss. Just drag, drop and you’re done.

Photo Analysis and Tamper Detection

Authenticate is a photo analysis software for forensic image authentication and tamper detection. With a single tool, several tests can be performed to determine if an image has been manipulated as well as verify if a photo was taken from a specific device.

Image and Video Enhancement

FIVE is the most complete forensic software for enhancing and analyzing images and videos during investigations. A single tool to analyze crime scene photos, enhance surveillance and intelligence video and more, with a workflow compatible with forensic needs and constraints.

Expertise in Image and Video Analysis

Amped Software training courses provide hands-on training on the use of Amped Software products as well as provide insight into the challenges users face in forensic video and digital multimedia evidence processing. Our courses are delivered worldwide, in large groups or private sessions, by experienced trainers.

Learn how Amped Software products can assist you with your investigations and improve your workflow efficiency, making it easy to analyze your evidence based on scientific methodologies. Easily convert unplayable files into playable video formats. Enhance blurred or dark videos and images. Ensure your photo evidence has not been tampered with and determine what specific device took the image.

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Forensic Video Enhancement Software For Mac

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