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China clone 2014 FgTech Galletto 4 V54 Master with BDM-OBD function is the user-friendly ECU programmer that is respected by most professional tuners. Still some FgTech galletto beginners are seeking the software installation guide. Following is the step-by-step installation guide provided.

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Operating system:
Windows XP, Vista, Win7 (better to use our win XP O/S) Free download adobe photoshop cs8 full version with serial key.

How to install FgTech Galletto 4 V54 ECU tuning software step-by-step?
Pre-install caution:

English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish Windows XP, win7 32bit Improvements of V54 FGTech Galletto 0475: 1. In the past: Trying to install Galletto V54 0386 on Windows 7 x 64 bit, couldn't get the driver to load. Now Killer Deals For Fgtech o475 ECU Programmer is available at autocardiag.com,$75USD + DHL Shipping,see here: FGTech 0475 Galletto V54 For Sale. And now the Cracked software for Fgtech FW0475 is available,see the details below – No crack needed – No more clock returning – Tested with several anti virus, anti malware, etc.

  1. English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish Windows XP, win7 32bit. Improvements of V54 FGTech Galletto 0475: 1. In the past: Trying to install Galletto V54 0386 on Windows 7 x 64 bit, couldn’t get the driver to load. And you may consider the FGtech unit is defective.
  2. Download Fgtech v54 software China Fgtech Galletto v54 software download 2014 Fgtech v54 is hot selling obd2 tuning tool with obd2 tuning software that can work for automotive workshop garages. China Fgtech Galletto v54 suit for all cars, trucks, motorcycles, Marine, BDM MPC5xx, EDC17, BDM Boot Mode Tricore and checksum.
  3. Fgtech Galletto 1260 EOBD cable is the powerful OBD2 chip tuning tool, VXDAS.com supply free. software download and tech you how to install the software.

Video instruction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzHpHsxm7RU

Easy 10 steps:
1) Insert the CD software in package into computer
2) Open “My Computer”, locate and open “FG TECH V54 (E:)”
3) Open and install “FGtech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galletto setup”
Follow the system prompt step-by-step:
Click “Next” to install Galletto setup wizard-> Select “Destination location to C://FGTech”->Tick Create a desktop icon” and “Create a Quick Launch icon” on desktop

4) Un-tick “Launch Galletto”, click “Finish” when complete installing wizard
5) Select “Install from a list or specific location (advanced)”
6) Browse and save files to “C://FGTech//fgtech-new-deriver”
7) Open Galletto software on the desktop
The system will display a WinLicense prompt “This application has been registered to dragan xp”, click on “OK” button to continue
8) Re-install “FGtech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galletto setup” again, follow the same above procedure or simply follow system prompts
This time tick “Launch Galletto” and click “Finish” button if wizard is completely installed

Press “OK” when EOBD message displays
Launching FgTech Galletto software, accept EOBD2 warning message by clicking on “OK”
9) Select software language
Multi language available: Italian, English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish
10) Select vehicle make, model, ECU type to read/write ECU
PS: If you fail to install FGTech Galletto v54 software on your computer, you can try our Win XP O/S.

Pls contact with Email: [email protected] to get software file

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2019 new China clone Fgtech galletto firmware 0475 software V54 step-by-step installation on Windows 7.
Fgtech software download macFree download Fgtech 0475 software
Firmware Version:0475; Software version: V54 2012/02

Multi-Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Portuguese, Turkish
Unlock version, can use directly, no need to activate.

Step 1: Install setup
Open Fgtech v54 Software CD

Read 'Read ME' text file first
Open and install v55 for 0475 all win.exe

Operation completed will generate icona.ico file on desktop
Open Patch No Reg Key v55 folder

Copy EvO.dll and mfc42.dll files to folder C://Program Files/Fgtech v54- Win7

Step 2: Install Fgtech 0475 driver
Windows 7 will auto detect device driver
If displays driver not successfully install error message, do following:

Go to Device Manager->right click on FGTech-> Update Driver Software

Fgtech V52 Software Download

Select Browse my computer for driver software

Search for driver in this location: C://Program Files/Fgtech v54- Win7/Driver interfaccia
Windows has finished updating and installing the driver sofwtare for fgtech fw0475.

Software is ready for use.

Fgtech Software Download Torrent

Step 3: Run fgtech software
Open icona.ico software on desktop
If fgtech prompts Windows Vista or above detected, making a second patch, press OK to contine.

Select language you desired

Fgtech V54 software download, free

Read and write ECU.
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