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AI indie PC game. Download for Windows. 5M+ downloads, 100M+ YouTube views. The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, Guardian, Future of Storytelling. ABL AI, Java, C. (Built at our previous dev studio, Procedural Arts).

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Facade is one of the first interactive drama games to successfully allow players free reign over their own dialog during gameplay. Anyone who enjoys experimenting to achieve different outcomes will love this game. Video Game Controller. Download Facade Video Game. No Adware or Spyware. Safe & Easy Downloads. No pirated software, 100% legal games. Facade offers something truly different in terms of concept, game play and genre. But is it any good? Read on to find out. Lovers of films such as AI will be thrilled to discover that for the first time ever Artificial Intelligence plays a starring role. This is an adventure game with a weird twist. In this video game developed by independent studio Procedural Arts, you play as yourself visiting friends. And the friends are not exactly happy with each other. The main selling point of this video game (well, 'selling point' is the wrong term, since it's freeware) is Grace's and Trip's artificial intelligence. DECORATING!Facebook Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/brutalmoose.

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Facade Video Game

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