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SmartPhone FlashTool, also known as SP Flash Tool which is the best recommendation for flashing MediaTek Android. It is completely a free option comes supporting any MediaTek Android Phone or Tablet in flashing Stock, Custom firmware, kernels, recovery files and more similar in targeting system alterations.

One of the main conditions required to flash with SmartPhone FlashTool is root. In fact, to make successful MediaTek Android Flash, your device should have rooted successfully. So first make successful one-click root on Android to make use of SP FlashTool download and process. You can follow one-click root easily on Android which supports completely on mobile.

Download Smartphone Flash Tool for Windows and Linux

Latest 2016 LG Flash Tool (patch) Is Now Added. Here we are sharing a Direct link to Download Latest LGUP Tool for LG Devices (Flash tool).LG Flash Tool is a must-have tool for LG devices. If you have an LG Android phone then download the LG UP Flash tool. Just Download Latest LGUP Tool from the given link.

SmartPhone FlashTool comes in various tool updates in order to address the various requirements of the user. So we recommended you in the latest possible download for the most stable and fixed performance in flashing your MediaTek Android. For Windows, it is SP FlashTool v5.1804 the latest and for Linux, it is SP FlashTool v5.1752. You can Download either Windows or Linux version for completely free as always. And here the advantage of taking latest Smart Phone Flash Tool Download is its fixed nature from the previous bugs. So it is stable and supportive in all settings.

Why Should You Download SP Flash Tool?

SP FlashTool is the best recommendation for MediaTek Android flash that supports all of the MediaTek ROM variants. So it is a completely free tool 100% safe to Download and process for the purpose. But here, you should take the total risk on your own since this is a system alteration could possibly make several errors while processing. So run the flash at your own responsibility with SmartPhone FlashTool.

Download Smart Phone Flash for Windows

Download Smart Phone Flash for Linux

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SP FlashTool APK Download

SmartPhone FlashTool is completely a desktop program that supports through Windows PC and Linux operating systems. So to make use of SP Flash, a Desktop is a must with installing the correct drivers. And remember that there is no support yet to SP Flash APK. So if there is anything saying you can Download Smart Phone FlashTool directly on mobile in the form of APK, that is not correct. In fact, there is still no way exist to take SP Flash in the form of APK. In that way, prevent getting caught to false content that could harm the system and follow our download links to take SmartPhone FlashTool in the correct version for either Linux or Windows.

Developer Thanks

/gsm-flasher-adb-bypass-frp-tool-serial-key-16526/. SP FlashTool receives various tool updates focusing better usability and compatibility. So give all thanks to MediaTek Inc. for all developments and letting users free download SP Flash Tool.

Hi everyone,
Just to give you all another option, I have modified the official ASUS ODD FW Flasher tool to allow the user to flash or cross-flash their drive to a 'UHD Friendly' firmware.

Download Lg Flash Tool For Macbook Pro

Included with the ASUS Flasher, is the 'DE' UHD friendly firmwares we are currently using with the LG Flasher tool.
Also, if you happen to use your own clean firmware file that hasn't been 'DE' enabled, this app will automatically make the file 'DE' enabled and save it.
It is very easy to use:
Pro1. Run ASUS_ODD_FW_Changer_(Modified).exe.

2. In popup window, select a firmware file to flash. (If you click CANCEL, the auto default firmware is ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.02)
3. When the main interface opens, select your drive (if not already selected)
4. Hit 'START' button. The drive tray will open. Once firmware flash is completed, drive tray will close again.
5. Done.

Download Lg Flash Tool For Mac Os

EDIT (24.08.2019):Download Lg Flash Tool For Mac I have updated the Modified ASUS Flasher which will now allow:
  • The LG BP60NB10 external UHD drive to be flashed with firmware LG_BP60NB10_1.00_MK only.
  • The LG BP50NB40 external Blu-Ray drive to be flashed with firmware LG_BP50NB40-NB50_1.01_MK only. (Not UHD friendly but enables libredrive.)

EDIT (03.09.2019):
I have created 2 modified (hybrid = HBD) firmwares solely for the BP50NB40. Firmware BP60NB10_1.00_MK_HBD will allow you to flash your BP50NB40 to BP60NB10. Firmware BP50NB40-NB50_1.01_MK_HBD will allow you to go back to BP50NB40_1.01_MK if you ever require it. The firmware zip is below.
EDIT (01.01.2020):
Depending on what firmware your BP50NB40 comes with (1.01, 1.02 or 1.03), please flash the corresponding firmware BP50NB40 NB50 1.xx_MK from the MK pack first, then you can cross-flash using the hybrid BP60NB10 1.00 firmware.
(2.52 MiB) Downloaded 3991 times

EDIT (22.05.2020):
Below is the link to the modified ASUS FW Flasher + Downgrade Enabled Firmware + the latest MK firmware pack (20/07/2020): ..
Here is just the modified ASUS Flasher if you don't need the firmwares. Just put it in the folder with the firmwares.
ASUS_ODD_FW_Changer_(Modified) (24.08.2019).zip
(1.44 MiB) Downloaded 9966 times

Download Lg Flash Tool For Macbook

Download Lg Flash Tool For Macbook Air

Have fun guys!!