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The Economic Dimensions Of Globalization by D. Das

Title The Economic Dimensions of Globalization
Author D. Das
Publisher Springer
Release Date 2003-12-18
Category Business & Economics
Total Pages 214
ISBN 9781403938671
LanguageEnglish, Spanish, and French

Sional and systematic approach to the globalization phenomenon to the international academic milieu was an ambitious undertaking. Fifa 17 key generator pc. The book The Systemic Dimension of Globalization consists of 14 chapters divided into three sections: Globalization and Complex systems; Globalization and Social systems; Global-ization and Natural systems.

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Political Dimensions Of Globalization Pdf

Dilip K. Das succintly covers the principal normative and positive strands that one needs to be properly familiar with in the area of economic globalization. The selection and rejection of themes for coverage in the book has been carefully done. The picture of globalization has been painted with a broad brush. The unique feature that distinguishes it from the competition is its succinct coverage of numerous, carefully selected, thematic issues that falls under the rubric of globalization. The book is easy to access for the target readership because of its descriptive analysis style.