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HEOS by Denon is an application associated with the system audio multi-room HEOS Wireless. It allows any user to access music (including iTunes) files from a PC or an Apple Mac. How to use HEOS by Denon? The application provides everything you need to set up and listen to music on your system HEOS. Designed to match the beauty of the Cocoon and developed to further enhance your Cocoon experience, the Denon Cocoon App is the one thing you are missing if you purchased the Denon Cocoon (or Cocoon Portable) Speaker Dock. The Denon Cocoon App features premium music playback via your Cocoon for music stored on your Android smartphone and also allows you to create playlists.

I’ve recently bought a Heos HomeCinema and a Heos 1. The Heos devices are created by Denon and offer a multi room wifi speaker setup, similar to Sonos. Since Sonos did not offer a DTS compatible speakerbar for my TV, I’ve decided to give the Heos devices a try.

Its absolutely amazing how easy these devices are setup. You install the power and install an Android or iOS App on your phone. You can start the Heos app and can configure a new speaker. The speaker will be configured over a regular stereo audio cable. After this configuration step, the speaker will be available to all devices running the Heos app on your local network.

Denon currently promotes the GoPack: A battery pack for the Heos 1 and a bluetooth dongle which adds support for bluetooth connections on all Heos devices. However, Denon only sells the bluetooth adapter in combination with the battery pack. Since I don’t require the battery pack, I was wondering what kind of bluetooth dongle is required.

I’ve searched for a few weeks but finally found on a bluetooth dongle which was used by a fellow Heos user. At the same time I tried to contact the Denon chat support and they recommended me this Bluetooth dongle. Regardless which one you’ll select, you’ll need a bluetooth 4.0 dongle with BCM20702 chipset:

Denon Heos App For Laptop

Just put the stick into the USB port of the Heos speaker:

Denon Heos App For Pc

Denon heos app for mac computer

You can now press and hold the connect button until the Heos starts to blink green:

Denon Heos App For Mac Computers

The Heos is now in discovery mode and can be easily paired with your bluetooth enabled device. This also works for the Heos HomeCinema soundbar: