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5 Ways to Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password. ICloud Activation Lock is really helpful for protecting your iPhone/iPad in case it gets lost or stolen. However, this security system also causes problems when you purchase a second-hand iPhone and find it is iCloud locked. You won’t be able to use it unless you remove the Activation. If you need help for iPhone activation lock bypass, there are many paid unlocking services available online. You can choose the one that you trust and start to bypass iCloud lock on iPhone 4 to the newest iPhone Xs.

Besides, PhoneRescue 6.4.1 Activation Code is an extremely straightforward, efficient, and secure tool that helps millions of iOS users successfully retrieve their lost data. Above all, it is also a safe way, you can freely access your iPhone as usual. Hence, you have full control over the iOS device. Moreover, It is not only a passcode remover, but It can also safely remove both the Lock Screen Passcode and Screen Time Passcode if you forgot those passcodes by accident. Furthermore, It can easily repair IOS system issues. Moreover, PhoneRescue not only saves your data, but also fixes your iOS system issues, including White/Blue/Black screen of death, frozen iPhone, and even devices in Recovery Mode, etc.

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Crack ios activation lock


  • Now it can support iOS 12 and macOS Mojave.
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PhoneRescue 6.4.1
Data Recovery

The iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak method is one of the most used today if you have an Apple device with iCloud account locked maybe a software that can jailbreak can be a great solution. You’ll get to know a free tool called Checkra1n iCloud Bypass which will allow you to use your phone completely unlocked.

The operating system of your Pc will not be a drawback, you can find a complete guide on how to use checkra1n free iCloud bypass activator 2020 in this article and also how you can download it for free.

Crack Iphone 6 Activation Lock

CheckRa1n iCloud Bypass Easy Method

I imagine you’ve heard a lot about this tool, and chances are you’ll have a doubt about whether this method applies jailbreak bypass activation lock. It’s normal for you to feel skeptical about this topic, and more if you’ve tried several software and none of them have worked for you, and for that reason you hesitate about the functionality of checkra1n iCloud bypass.

CheckRain works like no other program to remove my iphone activation lock jailbreak. In its beginnings this tool was executable only on Mac, but with its latest update it is already possible to use it on Windows and Linux and best of all is that it is now easier and faster to apply jailbreak activation lock on iPhone and iPad.

The following video best explains the simple procedure you need to perform. If you don’t have a Mac computer, you’ll find information on how you can use it from Windows or Linux later in this computer.

What is jailbreak?

Crack Iphone Activation Lock

One of the first things that goes through our minds when thinking about a device with iOS is that it is a closed system, very controlled by Apple. This hermeticism does not allow the user to install or uninstall everything he wants, modify the aesthetics of the interface or install a launcher, for example, beyond the serial options (which today are very extensive).

As this began to create controversy from day one, the jailbreak appeared by hackers and independent developers. This term, translatable as «jail break«, is used to name the process that allows you to unlock certain features of Apple devices by bypassing system security measures to add features or modify and change options. Evidently, over the years and as iOS versions progress, Cupertino’s developers have been improving security and closing every hole and vulnerability that hackers found to break through and get jailbroken. What we should appreciate most is the fact that can jailbreak remove icloud lock,

What’s the point of jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad?

The Jailbreak among many things gives you the possibility of iCloud bypass on iPhone or iPad, in 2020 this method has expanded in many countries, and this has happened thanks to a series of tools that makes it easy to perform iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak, and in this posts we will show you the best tool to be able to apply jailbreaking.

iCloud Activation Lock Removal Jailbreak with Jailbreak Using Checkra1n iCloud bypass 13.3/ 13.5.1

To make iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak or on iPad, it has become very popular in software called Checkra1n, which is also known as the successor to checkm8. This tool allows you to jailbreak on iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and on newer models like iPhone 11, X, 8, 7 and 6.

For a sample of how it works we invite you to observe the following tutorial:

If you have ever seen how to iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak you will notice that this is a much more practical way to apply this procedure, and in addition to that the iDevice that is completely unlocked and with signal.

Crack Iphone Activation Lock

How To Use CheckRa1n 0.10.2 Beta To Remove iCloud Lock With Jailbreak

The previous tutorial is the easiest way to use Checkrain, although there is a more up-to-date and improved version. We’re talking about 0.10.2 which allows jailbreak iPhone activation lock on iOS 13.5.1 on iOS 13.6. The steps below explain a little more like does jailbreaking remove activation lock. Do not forget that to download this tool directly you have to make use of the managed dedicated servers.

How To Crack Iphone Activation Lock

Part 1: Open CheckRa1n iCloud Bypass on your Pc and tap OPTIONS

Part 2: Select Alow untested iOS… press on Back

Part 3: You hit NEXT and then OK

Part 4: When you press next again you’ll have to wait a few seconds

Part 5: Press START, and then volume down and power on the iPhone, then release the START volume without releasing the volume down.

Part 6: Wait for the iCloud Activation Lock Jailbreak to be performed on the iDevice.

This way you will get iPhone activation lock bypass jailbreak 2020 on current iOS versions like 13.5.5. You must follow the steps we have just shown you, especially the settings that are made before you start the unlock.

Iphone 6 Activation Lock Crack

iPad Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak

Apple tablets (iPad) have virtually the same technical characteristics as iPhones, especially in the iOS operating system, which both devices share. This is something we have to thank, because if an unlock software works on one it should also work on the other.

As with iPhones we can jailbreak activation lock iPad on all its models, such as iPad Air, Mini and Pro.

iPad Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak is performed following the same procedure as with iPhones. regardless of which version of iOS the iDevice has.

Download Free package CheckRa1n iCloud Lock for Windows/ Mac/ Linux 2020

The truth is that it is very complicated iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak without computer in previous years as 2018, 2019 apply jailbreaking without pc was easier, but now in 2020 it is somewhat more difficult so we recommend free download checkra1n tool and install it on your computer, and in this way iCloud unlock password.

Checkra1n bug fix

In its beginnings the program presented a number of drawbacks such as error 20, 31 among many more, thanks to this latest update, you can use the program without the worry of any failure, and be able to iCloud bypass 2020.

Is it safe to use Checkra1n for iPhone Activation Lock Bypass Jailbreak?

Like any iCloud unlocking software, its security always generates some controversy when applied to a device. To be honest, jailbreaking a device results in losing the iPhone or iPad warranty, in case you purchased it from an official store, on top of that it makes your iDevice vulnerable.

Although many people have used Checkra1n and have never presented any problems with their devices, and thanks to this latest update you can enjoy your phone or tablet without any restrictions.