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The Brutal Doom game originally was 'PC' platform, but was ported to amusement for compatibility with almost all Android system, if there are bugs ignore them or contact: [email protected], minimum requirements to play: (Processor 1.2 ghz, 1 gb RAM and disk space on average between 350 and 400 mb. Copy your own 'wad' files (doom.wad, hexen.wad etc) to your device to play games compatible with the 'Doom' engine. Note: A high end device is needed to play complex and demanding mods such as. File information File name BrutalDoom141edition2.0.rar File size 539.19 MB Mime type application/x-rar; charset=binary Other info Win32. Highlight all files and extract them to a folder on your dektop titled Brutal Doom (for the purposes of not erasing my previous file I shall use the name Brutal Doom 2 instead) 3. Ensure all of the correct files are preent in the Brutal Doom Folder and proceed onto the next section of the guide!

Doom Touch

Brutal Doom Download For Android Apk

Beckman coulter dxh 500 user manual. Doom Touch: No introduction needed

About the game

Doom Touch (D-Touch on Google Play) brings three of the best Doom engines to Android, each with their own strengths. Between them you can play all commercial versions of Doom and most custom mods and wads.

  • GZDoom one of the most advanced engines supporting complex scripting and modding, hardware accelerated and feature rich
  • PrBoom closer to the original game but with many great new features. Hardware accelerated OR software graphics. Many options to retain demo compatibility.
  • Chocolate Doom aims to provide the exact experience of the original game release in 1994. Also supports 4 player multiplayer!


In order to play the full version of the game you must copy over the WAD files from your copy of the PC game. Please see here for details help:

Installation Guide

Using custom Mods and Wads

Brutal Doom Download For Android

Most mods and wads can be played on the GZDoom engine, wads which are compatible with 'Vanilla Doom' should play on PrBoom and possibly Chocolate Doom engines.

Custom MODs and WADs should be copied to the following folders on the device:

  • ./Beloko/DOOM/FULL/mods
  • ./Beloko/DOOM/FULL/wads

The two folders above are treated the same by the app, there are two folders to make it easier to organise your files.

Brutal Doom Download For Android Emulator

Go back to the app and press the 'WADs' button on the bottom right. A window will pop up showing the files you copied, the 'Wads' and 'Mods' buttons select which folder to see.

Now select the mods or wads you wish to play, you can select multiplayer files. Remember the orderIpadian ios 11 free download mac. you select the files in can be important, consult the mod documentation for details.

Configuring the 6 Custom Buttons

The GZDoom engine includes 6 optional buttons (Touch screen and Gamepad). They map directly to the letters A to F allowing them to be bound to any game action.

  1. Enable the custom buttons. First you need to enable a new buttons which allows you to show the custom buttons while in game. The buttons is called 'show_custom'
  2. Assign the new buttons to the game action. In the game to to OPTIONS -> CUSTOMISE CONTROLS, find the action you want and press the 'Enter' key. The 6 custom buttons will now show, press the one you want to assign
  3. Play the game and press the new 'show custom' button!



Brutal MooD™ is a brutal, fast paced top down shooter that plays like the bastard child of Hotline Miami and Doom, with big beefy weapons, line of sight mechanics and buckets of gore!

Drawing inspiration from the classic run n’ gun gameplay of Doom, Brutal MooD™ sees you taking control of a lone soldier who must fight back against a demonic invasion. You’ll have to blast your way through possessed soldiers and demonic beasts using a selection of classic FPS weaponry, including shotguns and miniguns.

The demo build of Brutal MooD™ features two levels of top down demon blasting fun. It features line of sight mechanics, so you can never be sure what’s waiting for you when you open a door and round a corner (but most of the time you can bet it’ll be a demon ready to rip you to shreds). The combat is fast and bloody, with satisfyingly beefy weaponry and some conveniently placed explosive barrels that can do some serious damage.

It’s pretty challenging and lots of fun, managing to recreate the look and feel of Doom but in top down form. Classic 90’s run n’ gun action with a top down twist.

Download The Brutal MooD™ Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)