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Battlefield 3 download for android

If you ask me, Battlefield 3 is the game where the series really went full steam. It was popular before, but this was when they put the exact same game out on console as well as PC. This is a monster of a hit and it for many people was their first taste of the world of Battlefield.

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Game Or Movie?

One thing that the Battlefield series has done very well is make an engaging and well-made single-player campaign. This game features a pretty cool campaign where you play as a soldier who is part of a plot to take down a terrorist called Soloman. What I like about the campaign is that one minute you are battling in an urban jungle and then the next you are in a more remote location. It always keeps you on your toes and vehicle missions also are included to help keep things fresh.

I really, really did enjoy my time with the campaign and was pretty invested in what was going on, but the ending!!!! The ending was really a letdown and just did not live up to the expectations that the story had set. Once again, the game looks great and the leap here from Battlefield 2 is very noticeable.

Fight The Good War!

Of course, as good as the single-player campaign is, Battlefield 3 like the other games in the series is all about the multiplayer. This one has plenty of maps (I am pretty sure it launched with 9) and it has all the game modes that you would expect in a good first-person shooter. We are talking Conquest, Deathmatch, Rush and many more. The maps are all different sizes which is something I like as it forces you to change up your tactics as you play. I spent a ton of time with this online back in the day and really enjoyed it.

Always Pushing Forward

The gameplay on offer here is quite fast-paced, but it is still very influenced by having players actually playing to the strength of the class they have chosen. This is something I have always liked about the Battlefield series and this third entry in the series is no different. What I really do like is the progression system. It always feels like you are moving forward in this game. The way you unlock stuff for the classes and weapons is really cool, not to mention the vehicles too!

This unlocking system is great, but I must admit back in the day for new players it was rather hard getting thrown into a match with players who already had a load of cool stuff unlocked.

I love Battlefield 3! It is a game that really put the series firmly on the map if you ask me. It featured a great campaign (even with that lackluster ending) and the multiplayer at the time was the best it had ever been. I think that no matter if you are on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC…. Or even Wii U that you are in for a great time with this game. Mathtype 6.9 product key generator.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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Battlefield 3 free. download full Version For Android

  • The game looks incredible
  • I thought the campaign was very well done
  • Lots of modes for multiplayer
  • It has a really fun and rewarding leveling up system
  • The sound design will blow you away!

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  • The ending kind of sucks in all honesty
  • Not sure how easy it is to play this in 2020

Battlefield 3 Download For Android Version

Overall rating: 8.5