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This is a list of two-dimensionalanimation software.

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List of 2D animation software Jump to. This is a list of two-dimensional animation software. Name Latest stable release. Windows, OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Android. If you are into traditional hand-drawn animation, then maybe Pencil 2D is a great software to start your animation project. This free software lets you use both raster and vector graphics and you can switch easily between the two types of artwork. Pencil 2D is a cross-platform tool and lets you focus on animating even when you are on the go.

  1. Marionette Studio is an online animation software for beginners and professionals. Animate 2D characters and environments in minutes with no prior skills.
  2. Well, never fear, as there’re free 2D animation software packages that are easy to access and download from the internet. Most of these applications are easy to use and even good for beginners. Some of them may not be the best software for 2D animation but they’re most certainly a lot more simple than the professional full version programs.
NameLatest stable releaseDeveloperLicenseOperating system or environment
BlenderFebruary 25, 2021Blender FoundationGPLv2+Windows, OS X, Linux, Free BSD
MotionAugust 25, 2020Apple Inc.OS X
TupiTubeAugust 15, 2020MaeflorestaGPLWindows, OS X, Linux, other Unix-like,
SynfigAugust 6, 2020Robert QuattlebaumGPLWindows, OS X, Linux
Pencil2DJuly 31, 2020Pencil2D TeamGPLWindows, OS X, Linux, FreeBSD
HarmonyJune 29, 2020Toon Boom Animation Inc.Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
KritaJune,18 2020Krita Foundation, KDEGPLv3Windows, OS X, Linux, Free BSD, Android
Adobe AnimateJune 2020Adobe SystemsTrialwareWindows, OS X
Clip Studio PaintApril 28, 2020CelsysTrialwareWindows, macOS, Android, iPadOS, iOS
Adobe After EffectsApril 14, 2020Adobe SystemsTrialwareWindows, Mac OS X
OpenToonzFebruary 1, 2020DwangoBSDWindows, OS X, Linux
Pivot Stickfigure AnimatorFebruary 1, 2020Peter BoneFreewareWindows
Moho (Anime Studio)September 26, 2019Smith Micro SoftwareTrialwareWindows, OS X
DigiCel FlipBookDecember 21, 2016DigiCel Inc.TrialwareWindows, OS X
Apple iAd ProducerApril 1, 2016Apple Inc.RegisterwareOS X
Toonz2016Digital Video S.p.a.Windows, OS X, Mac OS
TVPaint AnimationNovember 27, 2020TVPaint DeveloppementWindows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android
DrawPlusMarch 23, 2015SerifCommercialWindows
SWFToolsApril 8, 2012Matthias KrammGPLWindows, OS X, Linux
Ajax AnimatorDecember 31, 2011Antimatter15GPLWeb application
SWiSH MaxJune 20, 2011SwishZoneTrialwareWindows
RETASCelsysWindows, OS X
ParticleIllusionTrialwarePlug-in for Adobe After Effects
Flipnote StudioNintendoFreewareNintendo DS
Flipnote Studio 3DNintendoFreewareNintendo 3DS
Antics 2-D Animation1998Antics WorkshopTrialwareWindows
Autodesk Animator Pro1995Jim KentFreeware/Open sourceDOS, Windows
Autodesk Animator Studio1995AutodeskDOS, Windows
FantavisionBroderbundDiscontinued commercialproprietary softwareApple II series, Commodore, Apple IIGS, DOS

2d Animation Software Free Pc


2d Animation Software Free Reddit

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2d Animation Software Free

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2d Animation Software Free For Beginners

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