100 Dollar Bill Serial Number Lookup

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Our site has the premier guide on the internet about old two dollar bills.

This is a series 2009 $100 dollar bill star note serial number is JB15683322☆ This is crispy and clean and will look awesome in your collection.

We have been exclusively dealing in old paper money for more than ten years. We are considered experts in the field. If you are considering selling your bank note then you will first want to make sure you understand what exactly you have. When doing internet research it is easy to make apples to oranges comparisons which can ultimately result in you selling too cheap or thinking you have something special that might actually be common. Our price and value guide will direct you around all of the common traps and mistakes people make when both buying and selling. Just take your time and read the information. We are here to answer any questions.

Please remember that we purchase all old large size two dollar bills and most other bank notes as well. Contact us at your convenience (via email or phone) to get our offer on your specific two dollar bill. We have to see pictures in order to help. You can text to 864-430-4020 if that is easier for you. All of our information is provided free of charge. Thanks! [email protected]

Two Dollar Bank Notes - Pictures, Prices, & History:

Our price guide covers the years 1862 to 1963. Most of the focus is on pricing and identification of varieties. There are some two dollar bill designs from different years that look very similar to each other. So please be sure you are selecting the correct year or you might end up really confusing yourself. Different years can have different serial number colors and seal types. Click on a picture below to learn more about what makes each bank note special and potentially valuable. Please contact us directly if you need help valuing your $2 bank note or if you are looking to sell.

More General Information About Old Two Dollar Bills:

There is a lot of misinformation surrounding The United States two dollar bill. We have a bunch of commonly asked questions regarding them below. However, these questions don't necessarily relate to values. When it comes to values you want to look at four main things, and this mostly applies to large-size two dollar bank notes printed before 1928. You want to check the year, signature combination, the serial number, and the condition.

Every single two dollar ever issued by The United States has a year on it. Sometimes the year is small and not in an obvious place. Each $2 bank note is also signed by the secretary of the treasury and the treasurer of the U.S. The signatures are not always terribly important, but they can sometimes create scarce varieties that were only printed for a short period of time. The serial number can occasionally make a seemingly common $2 bill worth a lot more money. Any serial number under 100 is a good find. Any note dated between 1899 and 1928 that has a star symbol in the serial number could also potentially be worth a lot of money. The most important factor is always condition. Two dollar bills are not especially rare in most circumstances. However, some uncirculated $2 notes are very difficult to locate. Click on a picture of your $2 bill above to learn more about how those four factors affect the value of your particular bank note. Please don't hesitate to contact us with pictures of your $2 bill if you have any questions.

Commonly Asked Questions About Antique $2 Bills:

Why Don't I See My $2 Bill In Your Guide?: Our price guide stops at 1963. That means that we don't have prices for any $2 bills issued in 1976, 1995, or newer. We also don't have prices for two dollar bank notes printed by obsolete state banks or by The Confederate States of America. All modern $2 bills from 1953 and newer have very little collector value. You are welcome to send pictures of any obsolete or CSA notes via email for an appraisal.

Are Two Dollar Bills Still Being Printed?: Yes, absolutely. The two dollar bill is still alive and well. You can usually request them from your local bank. Needless to say, they have no collector value unless you have a consecutive pack of 100 star notes. Fancy serial numbers would also be in demand.

Why Are The Corners Missing From My $2 Bill?: Lots of red seal $2 bills from the 1928 series have missing corners. Back in the day people considered $2 bills to be unlucky. Supposedly, if you removed the corner then the note was no longer unlucky and could safely be spent.

What Different Types of Two Dollar Bills Were Issued?: The United States issued $2 bills as legal tenders (aka United States notes), national bank notes (aka national currency), silver certificates, treasury notes (aka coin notes), and federal reserve bank notes (aka FRBNs). Each note has either a red, blue, or brown seal. No seal color is exclusively associated with one type of bank note.

1934 100 Dollar Bill Serial Number Lookup

What Is The Most Money A Rare $2 Bill Has Sold For?: These types of questions are always difficult to answer. No one really knows about private sales; and you never really know the circumstances surrounding some auction results. With that said, a desirable and rare $2 bill in superb condition could sell for more than $50,000 in today's market. Out of the hundreds of thousands of two bills out there only a literal handful really have the potential to be worth that kind of money.

100 Dollar Bill Serial Number Lookup

What Are The Rare $2 Bill Varieties I Should Look For?: If you aren't including $2 national bank notes from rare banks, rare star notes, and serial number oddities then the list is pretty short. The key to the series is probably the 1878 $2 legal tender note signed by Scofield and Gilfillan. A pdf image to pdf serial key. Nationals signed by Jeffries and Spinner are also rare. Those are Fr numbers 49 and 388, respectively. Many large size notes are very difficult to acquire in uncirculated condition. However, there really isn't that one 'white whale' that all collectors and dealers are trying to buy.

What Is The Most Common Large Size Two Dollar Bill?: The 1917 $2 legal tender note with a red seal is by far the most common large size note for the denomination. Thousands exist and most sell for around $40.

What Is The Most Popular $2 Bill?: The most iconic $2 bill is probably the 1918 'battleship' note. 'Lazy deuce' national bank notes are certainly on a lot of want lists. The battleship is popular because of the back design and it is a fun challenge to collect all of the varieties. Two dollar nationals appeal to collectors because they are from local banks and signed by banking officials. We definitely can't forget about the 1896 $2 educational note, the 1899 $2 mini-porthole, or the 1869 rainbow. Experts and specialists will always disagree on these types of questions, but they are fun to debate.

Which Antique $2 Bill Has The Most Upside?: We feel like all antique two dollar bills have a pretty close following, so nothing is really flying under the radar. Legal tender red seals from 1874, 1875, and 1878 can be rare in high grades. Of course no one knows about future values, but right now those notes seem the least overvalued.

What Is The Most Counterfeited Old $2 Bill?: Any $2 national bank note should be viewed carefully, especially if it is in poor condition. We see lots of counterfeits from that series. There are also some 1862 counterfeits. All other antique two dollar notes are very unlikely to be fakes or reproductions.

Does Having A Sheet Of Two Dollar Bills Add Value?: Any sheet of $2 bills issued before 1964 is valuable. Modern two dollar bill sheets (from 1976 and newer) have very little collector value beyond their face value.

What Is A Misprinted $2 Bill Worth?: As we have covered, most $2 bills aren't especially rare. However, major errors are not frequently available. Misprints on small size red seals are valuable. Large size misprints are also rare. Even some modern green seal errors can sell for lots of money.

What Is A Two Dollar Star Note?: Any old $2 bill dated as 1899 or later that has a star symbol in the serial number is considered a replacement note. Star notes from 1899 to 1928 have the chance to be scarce. Please contact us for pricing details.


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100 Dollar Bill Serial Number Value Lookup

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